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Published: 15 September 2018

Posted by: Nico Santeramo

@wine is good I get where you are coming from @wine is good and I don’t believe that there are any decent individuals amongst those who have shared the same sense of animosity towards this commerical who wouldn’t agree on the necessity of the funding and awareness when it comes to medical and non-medical programs that provide assistance to children, and adults for that matter, who suffers from uncontrollable disabilities. Personally, I think there needs to be a much higher level of public awareness towards programs such as shriners hospital. I speak for myself here and it is not my intention to put words in any mouths other than my own. That being said, I think there is a line in the sand with any topic or scenario regardless of intent. That line was obviously pushed way farther than what it morally acceptable. Money or lack of funding is no excuse to shove these children into the spotlight and ask them to essentially exploit themselves on national television in the efforts of paying for the care they deserve in the first place. It’s as if shriners hospital is putting them to work to pay off the costs they are incurring. Blunt words, I know; however, it is very obvious that shriners is banking on human kindness as a result of thesheer pity and utter discomfort viewers feel when they watch this commerical… Or better termed, infomercial. Do I feel bad for those kids, yes. Do I want them to receive the best care possible, of course. But please shriners hospital, where is your class and dignity? It is not ok to turn the images of the children you serve into a marketing ploy. Even the humane society portrays their animals in a more tasteful form then shriners hospital does their patients. I have actually changed the channel or physically left the room more times than I have sat through that horrible commercial. The point of advertising is to create a level of interest and care to invoke the overall goal of, in this case, raising money to help these poor kids. Please stop showing them off as if they are your prize pumpkins at the fair. Act like a professional medical and research foundation should… Please. On a more serious note, please help in any way possible so the quality of life of those children can be set at a much higher level. Nico P.S. Again, I speak for myself and apologize if I offended anyone.

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