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Note, they are not good people.

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Published: 18 July 2019

Posted by: Phoebe

My elder brother finished building his house in late August last year. On completion of his house\’s construction, he got married. The house was empty hence he had to purchases a few sofas. He got introduced to Sides Furniture and Bedding by his friend who had known them for a while and he was convinced to go purchase his sofa from them bearing the fact that it was rated to be among the best then. He had to get money and immediately went to visit the place so that he could get a sofa of his choice at an affordable price. Actually, those were his expectations prior to visiting the place for inquiries and later to get his sofa home. He went to the place, right when he got in there he never expected the kind of treatment he got, none of the staff welcomed him nor asked him how he wanted to be helped, they all pretended to be busy on their phone watching funny clips online while laughing at the top of their voices. He stayed there for almost 20 minutes and still none of the staff told him anything, he used that time to check on the sofa sets that were kept there as a display. He got attracted to one of the sets he saw and so, decided to approach one of the staff members in there for help. He asked about the price, and how the product was. He wanted to know if it could have been delivered to him after the purchase.

On issues to do with the price, it wasn’t that bad. They came into agreement and he paid for the sofa. Before he left he was told his special order was to be delivered within 3-7 days from the day he bought them. Around 5 days later he began calling for an update and it continued for almost 2-3 more times if I’m not wrong. Actually, not even once did anyone of them offered to find out why there was a delay, but instead just told him that someone else came after him and he had to use his own means of transport. They had sold him the sofa he had chosen for his needs and they acted like they were doing him a favor when they had extended his delivery time for 3 days. He was totally disappointed after hearing that. After the three days were over still they never delivered. It took almost a half a month to get his sofa, yet they had not delivered the one he had chosen. They delivered the worst sofa ever, springs were out of place and the material the sofa was covered in, looked like it was bought from the dump. Actually, the fabric was a linen weave and had piled up horribly hence it caused the sofa to look horrible. They gave him an excuse that the springs were ok by their standards and that he should go buy a sweater shaver and shave fabric. They told them after buying those products he should use them on the sofas after which it should be ok and it would eventually be like the linen. Unfortunately, he had some problems and to sit on the cushion with the displaced springs was too painful for him. He actually tried to talk to them but they refused to address these problems, although he had initially been assured that he had a good warranty for his product. Surprisingly, they never stood behind their so-called warranty. I personally was annoyed with the experience my brother had with them so I found it necessary to let you know about them, to help you make the right decisions in the future.

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