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Published: 08 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Sidiki Soumahoro is a person from Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. He is claiming that he is born from the tribe of the former King of Africa and that he was Embassador and he knows all powerful persons in Africa. He is always preparing contracts for illegal Gold transactions and now with illegal crude oil transactions from Nigeria, through Ghana. He was the intermediary between the so calld seller and us who have the buyer. They was requesting a bank instrument by SWIFT MT 998 which we delivered as agreed. It was a written confirmation, that in case his party can not perform he will pay the 50’000 USD which have been the costs for issuing the requested and delivered bank instrument. The result was, that the so called seller could not use the requested and delivered bank instrument. Therefore we requested the non-peformance payment within the agreed 5 banking days. Now suddenly that Sidiki Soumahoro was not reliable anymore for that iseu and he said the seller should cover it. Through the time delay the non-performance amount came to 300’000 USD. Sidiki Soumahoro ordered to us to send immediately the invoice for those 300’000 USD. The result that nothing was happen. Sidiki Soumahoro say now that he have no debts with us, but he try to help to give us as a generous man the 50’000 USD. That he is telling now since two months with always the same stories and the same excuses for delay. In all of the transactions with Sidiki Soumahoro are illegal actions requested, or the offer is illegal commodity etc. He claims to be a good muslim and he pray 5 times a day. It seems that is his habit, to pray 5 times and the rest of the day he is doing only illegal and criminal deals, just to scam or to rippoff other parties. He is just and only interested to make money out of any transaction, but without taking any responsibility. Therefore I warn everybody who is in any relation with that Sidiki Soumahoro to make sure that nobody have to rely in anyway on Sidiki Soumahoro. Anybody who dont follow that advice will lern it in a very hard way, as we had to lern. Any transaction which is offered from Sidiki Soumahoro is criminal or as he said ” grey or black deals”. Therefore anybody who read this should better get the hands off of that person, because it will create only and hard problems. His specialities are: illegal bonny light crude oil, Gold from Africa, Bank instruments from scamed and cheated issuers, fake Bank drafts, American Express Traveller cheques, Diamonds. He say that he have buyers for: Cement, Fish, Sugar, etc. In every case the seller will loose the cargo. We lost 3 containers of wine in Ghana through Sidiki Soumahoro contacts. They never paid the cargo. we have got our lesson and we would like to inform the whole internet community to be careful with that Sidiki Soumahoro. He is a nobody who is looking to take money out of any pocket. Such kind of person spoils all honest african business mens, because everybody think that africans are the same as Sidiki Soumahoro. He is wanted from the police in Abidjan, but through his corrupt connections with the General Prosecutor he can moove freely in Abidjan. Thats the way how such persons are working.

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