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Published: 20 September 2018

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Thank you to all the people who have taken the time and courage to write about their experiences with Sidra Jafri and Wilson Luna. It’s been eye opening to learn about these two public speakers and how not to do things. My own personal experience is very similar to all the other reports on here. Curiously, I went to a freebie by Sidra after being coerced by Luna into thinking that she was the next Deepak Chopra. Hard sales in one hand and NLP in the other, Luna tried to convince a crowd of a few hundred people that only Sidra could heal our spirit. Sidra accepted this as truth and paraded herself like a peacock lapping up Luna’s gradious adoration. Reality can become a bit fuzzy in there because you are continuoulsy being brainwashed. They both create a smoke screen so that you buy their products and sign up to their group. When you get a bit of distance however and speak with others, things do become clearer. To join both groups you need to dish our £5k on each. That’s £10k, per year, of your hard earned cash. Beyond madness. Sadly, so many have done it and some still continue to do it. Sidra runs ‘Soul Spas’ which cost another few thousand and Luna runs retreats of equal value. If you have yet to notice, you are a good source of income for these two, who share clients and personal details about their clients. This allows them to maniplulate you by giving the impression that they ‘know’ you and can tune into your needs. There’s nothing original about Jafri, she has just studied other poeples material and created a course and online videos. People buy people, so if you like her and her network and you don’t mind forking out £5k a year for a group of new age friends. then this lady might be for you. My best advice is be a grown up about all of this. Sidra is a human being just like you. No matter how much she tries to convince you she is a spiritual guru vibrating at a higher level, she really is just a single mother, running a small business. All the worlds spiritual texts say ‘The Kingdom of Heaven in Within YOU’. Not in Wilson Luna, Sidra Jafri, Deepak Chopra, etc etc. It’s within you, and you have to do the work. Don’t hand over your free will with your £5k to anyone because you won’t get very far. Take responsibility for your life. All of the greatest teachings are available free online. You can find like minded people in so many other ways. You really do not need to join cults. It’s quite possible that Luna’s ship has sunk, and that Jafri’s isn’t too far behind. Should she survive the storm of her own awakening, and you really do feel you must join, do take good care. .

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