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Published: 19 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Sign Experts will promise you the world and claim they are professionals, but in actuality, they hire lackeys to do a subpar job. I had a raceway sign installed for my business, and when they showed me the finished job, one of the letters was cracked which I pointed out, so they took it down and replaced that face. After looking at the sign more and more, I realized that these people are not experts at all, as the letters are all crooked, the trim between the letter face and frame is coming off, and one of the faces is completely coming off. Multiple emails to the owner only returned excuses and stalling tactics, he had no intention at all of fixing the issues. The guy he had install them I found out is not a sign “expert” by any stretch, he’s borderline homeless living in the back of the shop (even though he no longer works for them). I drove around the area to see other signs from other businesses just in case I was over analyzing, and other raceway signs are very straight, even , crisp and smooth. My sign looks like it was installed by monkeys with hammers. This company is a complete rip-off as they take your money (before doing the job), do a subpar job and ignore you after. I have all of the emails from the owner to display his lies and dodging tactics. The door to his business is usually locked now as they are always “remodelling” but my wife did make it inside where he told her he’d come by soon to take a look at it, never came by and that was months ago. My business is right next door to them in the next plaza over, feel free to come by and see the poor quality yourself- Bluenote Tattoo, , Las Vegas, NV. Avoid this company at all costs. I gave them a bad review on as well, and I certainly wish I saw the other reviews first, the owners name is Sacbe and he sounds like a real piece of work. .

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