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Don’t ever go here, even by mistake!

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Published: 02 May 2019

Posted by: Betty

The place is filled with money-hungry thieves who are only looking for different ways to steal your funds. The staff doesn’t accept its mistakes and the billing is terrible. I don’t plan on going there ever in my life.

Whenever I visited the place, they used to tell me that I had some balance left. So, according to them, I wasn’t paying them the full amount when I used to visit. Why did I visit them regularly? That’s because I had gotten my braces there and for that, I had to visit the dentist 3-4 times per month. The service was terrible there but the more irritating thing was their billing. They are scammers!!! And that’s it. They are medical fraudsters who take advantage of the desperation of their patients.

They overcharged me all the time. The so-called ‘overdue’ was never there when I was making the payment. They just used to say this whenever I visited the place. When they did it a couple of times, I think they realized that I was spooked. So they stopped but only for a while. I think it was my 8th or 9th visit when they raised this issue again. This time I had enough. I asked to meet with the billing staff and to tell me how were they able to mess the billing up so frequently. When I met their bookkeeper he told me that due to a type they gave me the wrong invoice. What the hell?? How can the staff be so incompetent that it can’t even do proper invoicing? And how am I supposed to trust these guys again? What’s the guarantee that the new invoices they generate are real? The behavior of the entire staff was fishy. You might ask me why I kept visiting that place if I knew they were fraudsters. Well, to be honest, I have heard that changing dentists when you have braces can lead to difficulties. So I was afraid. But you know what, I did change my dentist after that fiasco.

By that time, I was certain that these people were ripping me off and if I didn’t take any action, I would end up losing a lot of money to these guys. When I told them I won’t return, they started calling me constantly. I used to get a call from them on a daily basis. They didn’t know when to stop. At first, I thought of ignoring their calls but when it got too much I picked up. Guess what? They started urging me that I should get back to them and it ‘might’ be dangerous for my dental health to switch dentists.

When I asked them if they’d improve their billing they assured me they will. But after the assurance, the rep told me that I was at fault too. I had had it. I never went back to that place. Signature Orthodontics is filled with thieves and dupes. I never went back and I’m never going in the future too.

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