Silver Arch Capital Partners Jeffery Wolfer

Silver Arch Capital Partners Scam vulnerable borrowers

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Published: 11 July 2019

Posted by: michele mittelbronn

Silver Arch Capital Funding headquartered in New Jersy is under the Kennedy umbrella. Ripped off to the tune of 79,000 of ‘due dilligence’ with a sudden drop of my ‘assured’ bridge loan. Was told I could get 25,000 back if I signed a Hold harmless agreement. I declined and was fortunate enough to find another broker who found me a Real lender for my needs. I had to “RE-Purchace” my appraisals and surveys as Silver Arch never paid the companies despite the fact that I sent Silver Arch the funds for the work at the time. So the appraisers and surveyors did the work and I paid Silver Arch but…. they were not paid from my due diligence funds paid to Silver Arch. I paid twice. The whole scam that Kennedy/Silver Arch/ Matt Cole and scam attorney Jeff Wolfer are running is horrible. To call it a scam is misleading and too kind, This is racketeering fraud on a cooperate financial level. I am suing for my money back…. All of it plus Pain and Suffering. Companies such as Silver Arch and Kennedy who prey on the most desperate of American businesses much be exposed as should their minions Jeff Wolfer and Matt Cole. Voices in scammed unity will be heard if we all try. If not for us than for the Greater Good.
Michele Mittelbronn
[email protected]

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