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Silver Saddle Ranch and Club Review

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Published: 25 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On 2004 my family and my husband was persuaded to visit silver saddle ranch & club. As soon as we got there, we were giving a room, free food, amenities and they are really good about making you feel special, then we were assigned a representative who toke us to the presentation room and making us like this is the opportunity of a lifetime to own a land with the promises that the community is growing and booming, that the nearby is the international airport in process. So we went ahead and purchased a land thinking that it would be a good investment. It sound so good, so we went ahead and paid it cash. Though, we have cancelled our membership, my younger brother who also purchased a land decided to re visited silver saddle that’s when i realized that what they are doing is a "scam" is when the representative encouraging us to invest on their satellite plant, telling us that we will get all kinds of amenities from cruises and travel on luxury for nothing, as he continues on, i couldn’t help but to ask why the selling of the land stop. He stating that the owner decided for a satellite to be build on the land, and that the commercial land they block the sale to walmart and other big companies, they said they will make money on satellite being build on the area than a shopping mall. So, i told the rep. That i would sell back to them my land for the same price as they sold it to us. He said no that he cant do that. He left us after that, and totally ignored us. They were very aggressive and very forceful, and approached potential investors by group. Now we are stuck on a land that has no possibilities of growing, a $38k that is now only worth $4k. Who would like to live on a land that has no market or a mall??? Scary part is that you cannot call out and has no wifi connection, they give you their connection but it does not work at all! They are a scammer…Scammer…Scammer. Hope somebody will investigate and will turn them in. Truly, is such ashamed on all those filipino people who works there who scammed their own people… That’s greed!!!!

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