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Published: 27 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I am writing this to warn other potential “victims” because I feel really bad for people who have already invested a lot of money into it, and not even that, bring their friends and families to do the same. They are really good about making you feel special: giving you free things, free stay, free food, and making you feel like this is the opportunity of a lifetime in where you will earn a lot of money, that the area is starting to boom, and as a bonus, free land where there are plans for communities to be built. They purposefully take you up into this meeting area where there is no cell phone reception so you cannot discuss it with anyone outside. After 6 hours of this, we walked out, and we decided to cancel the contract as soon as we got home, as soon as we realized that we’ve been duped. Not only do you invest in the land that is not worth the amount of money they said it’s worth (the lady said $20,000, but it was not, more like $2000), they make you pay membership fee for the entire time you own land there, which will be difficlut to sell, kind of like a timeshare, but instead, you own the large piece of land collectively with others. The travel benefits that they offer is not really a benefit and most of time, no one picks up the phone. Then you end up paying maintenance fees like a timeshare and according to a lawyer, could be raised to any amount. When we called 3 hours later to cancel the contract, the lady said we were not allowed to cancel. That should have been a red flag in the first place, because if it truly is a good deal, they would not have to have this stipulation. I did end up contacting a lawyer, and was able to force them into canceling the contract and the lawyer said there is no time limit for that decision to cancel. I especially feel bad for the Filipino groups that were getting brought there by groups, because they are so trusting of other Filipinos, especially if they were told that it is a good investment, they will really believe it. .

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