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Published: 02 February 2018

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DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT give this man your credit card! He will talk a big game and tell you he will help you. Then, when your tenant walks in he will conspire with the tenat to try to rack up your legal bills by encouraging you to drag on the case. Believe me, you don’t want this. See what other pissed off LANDLORDS’ have to say about their experience with Steven Silverstein: here are some of the “highlights”… (1) First up, David from Long Beach…. on 4/17/2013 “When I called to speak to the lawyer he was a total ass hole on the phone even though I was paying him. He did not show up to court on my court date either. My calls were never returned on time and he lost all if my court paperwork as well. If you want a HORRIBLE A*HOLE lawyer and want to get scammed by their I don’t give a f* attitude by all means call. This has been the worst lawyer experience in my life. I wouldn’t recommend this lawyer to anyone!!!!!” (2) Next up, Trisha from Rockville…. on 10/22/2012 “do not hire this firm!!! the worst!!! your case will drag on forever. the paralegals handle the cases and they do not follow up. miss deadlines, i agree with their other clients. the paralegals drag the case out forever. !!!!!!!!i would not hire them again even if it is free. you’ll loose money it drags on foreeeeeeverrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!” (3) Next up, Marcus from Aliso Viejo…. on 8/15/2011 “Hired him for an eviction. Poor customer service from office staff. Treated my credit card like an ATM and had to call at least 6 times to get an invoice. Like the previous reviewer said, acted like he could handle the case with ease, and even mocked the defendant for using a paralegal; but that paralegal dragged the case out 10+ weeks. Prefered to comment about the defendants’ chest as small talk instead of merits of the case.” These are just 3 short examples. If you google Steven Silverstein’s name and business you will see TONS of other complaint. I am not a landlord. I am a tenant. I went into Mr Silverstein’s office to try to resolve something. Mr Silverstein was more interested in running up his client’s (my landlord’s fees). When I showed him proof of a faulty 3 day notice he almost begged me to file a demurrer so he could “get more fees from his client”. His words exactly. Landlords…be warned. When you hire an attorney, you want someone who will actually get your tenant to pay. Not antagonize them and run up his atm…err your credit card bill.

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