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Published: 15 October 2019

Posted by: Jvon Rock

Every leader wants to be a motivation and inspiration to a group of people towards achieving a common goal. Leadership in a business environment plays a vital role in directing the employees and colleagues with an approach to meet the company’s needs. Some of the importance of leadership qualities are decision making, being accountable, creativity, innovation, and more importantly inspiring others. I among other leaders lack some of the leadership skills. For this reason, some motivational speakers inspire the leaders by showing them the importance of having leadership skills. 

These motivational speakers have helped a great number of leaders to achieve what they want through leadership qualities. Unfortunately, some of these motivational speakers are found a business opportunity to market their complicated concepts. Simon Sinek is a great example of these kinds of complex speakers who barks wordy and hollow theories. I followed him and whatever I learned from him was just bullshit. Simon Sinek has plenty of channels that he uses to spread and market his bootless ideas. He is a well-known YouTuber with a lot of views. I used my money to buy two of his products but I found nothing helpful. This guy sounds so resourceful but his ideas are 2/10. 

Simon Sinek rings as a creative motivational speaker as he advertises his products on YouTube and other social media platforms. But through my experience, I want to alert you of the real world about his products. If you or your friend are planning to purchase any Simon Sinek’s products be it webinar courses or books you should change your mind after reading this article.


It is Important to Know a Little bit about Simon Sinek

Simon Oliver Sinek is a British-American motivational speaker, organizational consultant, and author. He was born on October 9, 1973, in Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom. During his childhood, he lived in Johannesburg, South Africa, London, and Hong Kong and later settled here in the United States of America.

In 1991 Simon Sinek completed his high school education in Demarest from the Northern Valley Regional High School. He studied law from the City University of London. He dropped out of the law school to go into advertising. From Brandies University, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in cultural anthropology studies. 

Simon Sinek started his career at ad agencies of New York, Euro RSCG and Ogilvy & Mather respectively. He later left his last job and established his own company known as Sinek Partners. 


Simon Sinek’s Books and Participations 

To spread his bullshit Simon Sinek has penned down several books. His books include Start with why (his first book published in 2009), Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t (published in the year 2014), The Infinite Game (published in the year 2018), Together is Better: A Little Book of Inspiration (published in the year 2016), Truly Human: Why Our Success Depends on Each Other (published in the year 2014) and Find your Why (published in the year 2019). 


Simon Sinek is a poor author who uses thousands of words in hundreds of pages to explain a toy concept “WHY”. In all his books and other products, he keeps on echoing the same information in a different turn of phrase just to complete a book or a video. 

As a motivational speaker, this dude has participated in lecturing at the UN Global compact apex and also he had held a TED conference talk. At Columbia University Simon Sinek is a critical communications tutor. He is also an appendix staff member of the RAND (Research and Development) corporation.



Simon Sinek’s Social Media Platforms

This con artist has some social media sites in which he advertises his bollocks and ordinary quotes. He is on twitter with more than 500k followers and over 3k tweets. Simon Sinek is a popular YouTuber with more than 600k subscribers and over 9.1 million views. His Instagram account (Simonsaysinspire) he has over 250k followers and over 2k posts. He has a Facebook page with over 1.4 million likes, 1.5 million likes, thousands of quotes, videos and live videos. Simon Sinek has got a Facebook group consisting of over 22k members and more than 150 posts in 30 days.

Following his “leadership consultant” and “motivational speaker” reputation a lot of people have followed him on his social media. By this, his followers including have gone ahead to purchase his worthless products and end up regretting after getting unhelpful and bullshit ideas. After all, some of his followers have noted the reality behind this prick. I looked at his recent posts from all his social media platforms the likes and views have decelerated compared with before. 


 Simon Sinek’s Partners

He has several individuals who assist him in achieving this goal by spreading and sharing his bottomless perception of “WHY”. The gang is made up of several associates who are mentioned in Simon Sinek’s website. He refers to them as his “igniters”, “optimists” and team.




The so-called Simon’s igniters are the individuals who are said to embrace his ideas and philosophies. He refers to them as igniters because they use his theory in their and other organizations. He invited them to work together in spreading his vision. These igniters include David Mead, Peter Docker, Matt Dunsmoor, Heath Slawner and Stephen Schedletzky.

Simon Sinek optimists are the individuals who have a similar vision with him. He says they have some estimable inspiring ideas and philosophies on the elevation of the world he imagines. These optimists include Kristen Hadeed, Kim Harrison, Jen Waldimon and Rich Diviney.

Simon Sinek’s team be made up of individuals who are located around the world. They cut the pie of his idea “WHY” to make his vision come to reality. The team members are Christina (plays the role of showing care for their customers so as to acknowledge everyone’s value), Darren (his role is to enkindle opportunity to their customers so that they can experience their motive), Jeff (his role is to listen to their customers visions so that they can discover a path and transparency), Jessica (her role is to see it through the life’s appraisal so that they can live to the fullest), Justin (his role is to try all the means possible to make their customers feel highly regarded), Kim (Plays the role of creating a way for their followers so that they can reveal who they are) Laila (she helps people know the reality inside them so that they can feel satisfied in whom they are), Lori (she takes the circumstances and amends them to become better so that their followers can have the freedom to partake things that excite them), Matt(he prepares growth in their followers so that they have ideas to create a better nature), Melissa(she helps their clients park and hook up so that they can accomplish their work), Sara (she put up the possibilities to create opportunities that bear ample jolt), Sharin (she networks with people in that they be glad about their teaming), Stephen (he brings in board the people in sensible ways to help them live in a more delighted world), Tim (he prospects the potentiality to create free and easy solutions), and Nadia (she organizes a free platform in that their clients can come up with their authoritative utterance).


I Regret Purchasing Simon Sinek’s Products

So I decided to try Simon Sinek’s concept of leadership. I needed some professional leadership skills to lead my growing firm effectively. An elite buddy of mine summoned about Simon and his golden circle thing. I explored more and deeper to know more about Simon Sinek and the golden circle. I went on and watched him on his YouTube channel as he briefs and advertises his brain wave. Again I searched for his website to get more than that about the famous motivational speaker. Everything from his website sweet and well having a good hook and so I decided to discover my “WHY” as he says.

On his website, I found that the “WHY” concept was distilled from the biology of human decision making. On the website I found an interesting part saying “the part of our brain that controls our feelings has no capacity for language which makes putting our feelings into worlds difficult”. Down the line, he stated that the “Why” discovery course was designed to boost me bring to light the words to outright what steadily provokes me. Wow! Those statements were well and smartly designed to leave suspense and that I was so eager to learn more in that course.




As an upcoming leader, I required to discover my so-called “why” and so I clicked the get started part at the bottom. I was shown the course curriculum and to say, every part of the “leadership discovery course” created an impression of being much educative and inspiring. At the bottom of the page, I found the enrolling part and surely that’s what I longed for. I never ceased to enroll in the course at $150. Over there I created an account during the billing. In that useless course, I looked forward to receiving a series of videos nurturing about the conviction of “why”.

After completing the purchase I spotted another part at the undermost part of the page. That part was written with extra-large fonts saying “similar products”. The brand was a famous book by Simon Sinek “find your why”. And remarkably I chose to buy a copy at $20.95. At then the total purchase bill was at $181.45 including the shipping fee of $10.50.

I was astonished by getting interminable and pain in the ass videos with poppycock information. In my mind, I thought Simon Sinek himself will be live in those disgusting video series representing his golden circle and much more in a sensible manner. Now there were those bastards among his team who has nailed down Simon Sinek’s theories and they recited the information like a ballad. What the fuck was that? Everything was a reiteration of words just to complete the promotional film.

The fucking book was only thought-provoking on the first 10 pages the subsequent was just a broken record with nugatory information. I needed a refund mainly the $150 fee for the discovery course. Discouragingly, according to their nonsensical purchase terms and conditions, they state that there no refunds after purchase. I lost my $181.45 buying the bullshit.

The thing Simon Sinek might be referring to as the “golden circle” to me is a clay circle or trash considering that I found nothing worth golden. This bastard is not a polished author, he just an ordinary article writer in the name of a book author. The concepts he represents with a 225 pages book can be simply illustrated in less than 20 pages. I strongly can never recommend any of Simon Sinek’s products to a friend. Those bootless products are just meant to make money for this asshole but not to inspire others as he barks. 



Simon Sinek has come up with a new idea to con people. He uses just a little knowledge of a writer to compose books with intricate meaning. He has no background in biology but he thunders scientific ideas as if he is a professional psychologist. He is a smart speaker but an artful and a ripoff. I and other buyers have purchased his futile only to receive insignificant information. The thing he calls the golden circle it’s worthless and it does not inspire someone. He keeps on repeating and clarifying a single notion but in different choice of words just to make a book or record a lengthy video. It’s so unfortunate that a lot of people have no idea about the real world behind this pirate. Check the following reviews about this con artist.






It’s my wish that this article has helped someone. I found the essence to bring to light what many of us didn’t know. I am aware that there are other Simon Sinek’s product buyers who found the products rubbishy and would like to share their experience. This is the place you can share your sob story. Simon Sinek should be reported as a fraud in the inducement. Buyer beware of this chiseler.

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