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Published: 06 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

First of all I want to apologize to anyone that I personally sold, everyone else since my partnership with Simplicity. My story is a long one that I can not tell all of but I am responsible for creating the company Univision Consulting. My company was the one that came up with the idea to sell what at the time was simple rebates aka Zebus. I was a co worker at a online seminar company with Matt Schneck (co-owner) of the Simplicity group. He was a national speaker, I was a part of the sales staff. After working together and creating a relationship with Matt we began to talk about what I used to do for the company before I got on the road. I explained to him that I was a great phone salesman and was involved in selling coaching to the clients after they attended out main seminar. We would call students that had signed up for 3-6k and upsell them coaching for an additional 5-17k. I should add nothing is wrong with that, there are some legit coaching programs. After working there roghly 2 years (I was 19-21yrs old) I knew Matt was doing his online company w partner Adam Wilkinson. Sitting down at dinner one night after a seminar I came up with the idea that they could make a lot of money if they sold their program and sold coaching. They had taken simple rebates and created what at the time was called Zebus, an onling “dropshipping program”. And so it all began! Within a month of that I had quit my job to start my company Univision Consulting llc. I rented an office space in their springville office and our “partnership” began. Unfortunatly for me I was young and completly ignorant of business at the time, I just knew how to sell. Matt and adam by that time had created a lead system where clients would pay $19.99 to apply for membership to become a Zebus dealer. I would then buy those leads for $50 each and sell them for 5k to become a memeber and coaching student of Zebus. It took off pretty fast, I sold more then expected for this being a brand new idea. They at the time had a small staff in another office in that same building selling smaller suff and memberships. Me and my guys did so well Matt and Adam came to me and asked if I could record what we were doing and if I could provide them with some of my scripts and have some of their guys listen in, there were way more leads then I could even come close to buying after all! In hind sight I should have said hell no, I should have created an exclusive contract that only my co could sell these leads or work out a good deal for myself if I did do that. Instead Matt and Adam took advantage of a 21 yr old that didn’t know better, just like they took advantage of you! I gave them everything. Recorded conversations, training etc. I wanted to be a team player, I wanted these guys to like me, I looked at them as friends! Problems came fast after that. The crap we were selling was not worth close to 5k, clients began to charge back cards. We were selling you a rebate site recreated to look like a wholesale dropship sight, on top of that the first coach they hired (another co worker at other co) had NEVER made money online, she had no idea what to do and sells bagan to cancell and come back. What I was selling it as was a very exclusive membership to product and an opportunity to work with an internet marketing expert! Honestly I didn’t care what I was doing as long as I made money, I am not proud of it today but I would do or say whatever I could to get deals. I was young and extremly greedy, my credit and everything I had was on the line as well. I was also a drug addict at the time so that made me an even worse person, I was functional and you wouldn’t have known it but I was doing multiple drugs everyday. I apologize to anyone my group may have sold, I truey do! I got what was coming to me if it makes you feel any better. I was eventually sued by Matt and Adam and have a judgement against me for over $68,000. As soon as I gave them what they needed I ralized I shouldn’t have, why create competition for my own company for god’s sake! I guess that is an example of making very poor decisions and being on drugs. When I saw how things were going I knew it was a matter of time. Soon they started contracting their leads out to other sales floors to using my information. At one point I think there were 3 or 4 different companies selling for them. How it ended was one day ( a friday pay day) if I remember right they called me to their office. They informed me that not only was I not getting paid for my sells but I owed them 20k! I had 20k of clients that I had been paid on that charged back. First of all this does not happen in this business ever! If a customer is happy enough to make it past 2 weeks and you get paid on them, you are paid! Months later you can not come back and say so and so that you sold cancelled after 6 months and now you owe us, that is a joke! I did my part, sold them good enough to stick with it, if you can not deliver a decent enough service that people cancell or charge back after so long you are doing something wrong and it had nothing to do with my part of the proccess. I was screwed and I knew it, I had not made them sign any contracts because I trusted them as friends. They were generous enough to offer me a job on their growing floor, the one I helped them create w my help lol! That day I had to go tell my guys they weren’t going to get paid for the work they had done over last 3 weeks. My friends I had working for me, I had to screw. I had lost everything. I desperate enough to try to pay them something and get myself some money I charged back all my credit cards that I had used to buy leads from them. That pissed them off! It also created merchant account problems for them, hence the lawsuit and 68k judgement! This all came up today because one of my friends asked me what had happened. Why did I leave an amazing job traveling not only the country but other parts of the world! That is the story and I felt compelled to share it here, even though I know a lot of you lost money w these clowns I lost a lot more. I do not feel bad for myself at all, I was arrogant, greedy, and made really bad decisions. These guys take advantage of everone, do you know anyone that would take a kid that knows nothing about running a biz and take advantage of them like that? The reason I wrote this is I looked them up, they are still in business! That is not right, these guys should be banned from the industry and should not be selling anything to anyone! If you come accross them, turn the other way and run. The reason they are still around I think is they are a very small fish compared to some of the other industry companies i.e. Mentoring of America (shut down) and others like them. There are a lot of very bad co in this biz that the G.A. and FTC deal with and they are not worth the time I’m guessing. I don’t know if anyone will ever read this. If you do and wonder if this is a real story, I have documentation of it, I have the filed law suit etc. This was long but only part of the story, there is much more to it but I can’t write it all on here. Hopefully this finds a few people and helps them avoid doing business with Simplicity! Again I apologize for my part in creating what all of you other victims have gone through, without my part in it this may have never happened to you. I wish I could go back, I wish more then anything actually. What I did started with decent intentions and I ended up co creating a rip off. I like to think I am a better person now, I have new things that are in the works. If I go as far as I think I can I will personally refund all the people that were victims in my part of it. I am sorry.

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