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Dr. Tran and her team are arrogant and negligent people

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Published: 10 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Dr. Tran and her team at Simply Dentistry are arrogant and negligent people. She is a selfish, cold and heartless person who only cares about getting her pockets filled. NEVER GET A TREATMENT FROM THESE PEOPLE!

I had visited them for a simple checkup. They had recommended me a root canal. Everything was fine up to that point. Things took a turn for the worse when she actually did my root canal. It was a negligent one.

I used to remain in constant pain. When I contacted her about this issue, she told me that it’s natural and I will eventually grow out of it. Well, I didn’t. The pain was always there and I was beginning to feel that it wasn’t going anywhere. After 3-4 weeks without feeling any improvement in my condition, I contacted these people. They told me that I should schedule an appointment and she will check my condition. I would have done so but a friend suggested me to see another dentist. She said it would be better to get a second opinion on this problem. She suspected that it was a case of negligence. I didn’t believe her at that time but still, I went to see another dentist.

That dentist told me that the tooth adjacent to the treated one was damaged. It really was a case of dentist’s negligence. The dentist treated it and I got rid of the pain but I was infuriated. Not only did I have to spend around a month in excruciating pain but I also had to get another dental treatment. When I got there and discussed this issue with them, they simply told me that the other dentist was lying. Instead of seeing him, I should have come here and met these people. She and her staff didn’t accept her fault at all. According to them, my other tooth must have been damaged beforehand and the root canal only exposed this pain.

I don’t know what kind of logic is that. I wanted her to pay me for the cost of the treatment I had to get due to her negligent treatment. But she constantly denied her fault. I believe that she should be thrown into jail along with the entire staff. Those people are aware of their boss’s incompetence and malpractice but instead of taking any action, they remain silent. They don’t do anything.

Simply Dentistry is falsely advertising itself as a business of expert professionals. The reality is, the most experienced dentist of that place doesn’t even know how to do a root canal properly. If you care about your money and health, then I would suggest you avail the services of some other experienced and authentic dentist. This organization is certainly not worth your time or effort.

If I had any idea of these people’s incompetence I would have never contacted them in the first place. Thanks to that other dentist, I am now free from the pain Dr. Tran had caused me.

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