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Published: 05 February 2018

Posted by: Nikki Buckle

DO NOT USE!!! The worse company ive ever used to move to Australia. They lied from the very start, said they could have my goods shipped and cleared and with me by 8-10weeks latest…16 weeks later my goods arrived after me having to call, email, message from Australia to the UK. I BASICALLY DID THEIR JOB FOR THEM! The company- conroy removals was the carry on haulier who Simpson”s used, they were very helpful within them selves and even admitted Simpsons lied. Eventually when my goods arrived- after having to go out and buy a new sofa and bed so we actually had somewhere to sit & sleep on as my goods were 6 weeks LATE- when i unpacked…well lets say they clearly didnt give a god dam about my items. Sofa SNAPPED- how the hell you snap the wooden parts in a corner sofa is beyond me!! My sons bed parts were missing, units broken, ornaments smashed and to top if off…1 box missing!! Now this missing box was an added box i sent after my “initial” belongings were picked up from my house- but rest assured they added it to me order/container no problems. THINK AGAIN!! They didnt add it, they lost it, didnt track it and then claimed i wasnt insured as i added it after…NOT ONCE DID THEY ADVISE ID BASICALLY SENT A BOX WITH NO INSURANCE OR TRACKING. Then we get to the insurance part…well well well…i opted for my insurance when the lovely lying sales guy first ever came round…he filled my head full of crap and said “the amounts you put on this insurance form is what you”ll be paid out” THINK AGAIN!!! Insurance company basically halfed it…Simposons didnt want to know. Steve the owner wasnt interested either. I made an official complaint- well that was like arguing with 5 year olds!! WORST COMPANY EVER!!! DO NOT USE THEM- EVEN THEIR STAFF ADMITTED THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY AND DONT LOOK AFTER YOUR GOODS!!!

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