Sinai Northshore Medical Associate

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Sinai Northshore Medical Associate's office is worse

The Golyan family is a medical group rather family in Northshore. This medical facility or office or hospital, I don’t know whatever they call it, is run by a family of doctors. The place where they practice is so dirty that nobody would even want to stand there for a minute. When I went there for my of my routine check ups I noticed that their clinic was filthy and they had dirt everywhere. I saw pieces of hair on the floor, which made me ask them if they had a cat. Well, they didn’t and were too true to tell them they had racoon’s sneak into the office at night and play around with stuff. God knows whatever that means.
This biggest mistake I made was staying there even though I should have left after seeing racoon hair everywhere. But because I had come for a routine check up, I decided to stay. They did not have other patients at the clicnic and I couldn’t help but notice how pathetically dirty the clinic was.
Anyway, for my check up they asked me to remove my shirt, well that does not really happen but they insisted. All the more they did not even provide me with a robe, but asked me to stand completely naked, with all my garments off. This was so embarassing for me, I mean so awkward and embarassing. I was standing naked there, like a retard. After this, one of the nurses requested a blood sample of mine. She poked me with a needle and kept it inside my body for 60 seconds, after which she pierced it even more saying she couldn’t reach the nerve. My hand was hurting, for gods sake pull it out I shouted, pathetic losers. After that I left, and have decided to never come back here, ever again. Huh. This thing left a mark on me, and here is the bloody picture.

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