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Gave us the wrong dress and didn't even give a refund

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Published: 14 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a bride’s life. She plans it for years and every girl wishes it to be perfect. The décor, food, etc. are important but the most important and prioritized part of the wedding is the wedding dress. Every bride desires to look different yet elegant. I have heard a lot of cases where everything goes perfect in a wedding but the bride loses her charm just because of the wedding dress. The same happened to my friend. She got married recently and everything she desired almost came to life. She always wanted the perfect June wedding and she had been planning the day since our childhood. Fortunately, everything was going as she had always dreamed like; the perfect guy, place, décor, and food. For the wedding dress, we asked Sincerely Yours Bridal to design the best they could. They are located in Manchester, Missouri and started operation in 2015. Their blog has a lot to say about customer services and unique bridal dresses. My friend and I had a very different experience with them though. We were attracted by their blog too so we decided to consult them but who knew my friend could have everything done to perfection but the wedding dress. She is my childhood friend and I really wanted her to have the best wedding dress. We first called the place to inquire some stuff but they were irresponsive at first. After a few hours, we got their representative to talk to us and she did not bother to speak much about them and the services or what cost will we incur. All she said was ‘kindly visit us for further information.’ Like you can at least answer a few basic questions on call and for bigger queries, you can ask the customer to visit. But no, Sincerely Yours Bridal has a different perception of customer service. Nonetheless, we went to the place but still, we were not entertained nicely. We were not asking for a protocol or anything but you can be polite to the customers. It was hard to ask the executive for guiding us about the dress but we made it. We finally ordered what my friend had always wanted. She was expecting a different yet sober wedding dress but what was delivered to us was a total disaster. We ordered a combination of sky blue and pale white gown but the dress that was delivered was totally white. The gown ordered was highly expensive and they took 75% of the payment in advance as per some shitty policy and the gown delivered had a value of 50% of the ordered one. First, they did not deliver what was asked and the delivered one was also not at all attractive. We had to buy another gown on short notice which was even more expensive due to lack of time.

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