Connor Leahy

Single Moms Beware: Connor Leahy is a pedophile and monster

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Published: 13 August 2017

Posted by: Mary D. Wolfram

Connor Leahy is a pedophile and sexual predator. He works as a recruiter for CA technologies in New York. Behind the façade of a cheerful person lies an evil and deadly monster. What people do not know is that this piece of shit, has been accused of several sexual assault cases and cases involving sexual crimes against children. What he will never tell you is that he has been recently released from prison on a parole. He will never tell you that he has served a very long sentence in jail for series of vicious rapes of children below the age of 8. What sort of scumbag rapes children?
He is known to prowl all dating sites and is a regular at Tinder, where he is on look out of single mothers with rather young children’s. The main reason he hunts for single mothers is to prowl on their children This guy is pure evil, he shouldn’t be let to enter a home with small children. He is a sex monster who is out to destroy a child. Save your child from this sexual predator.

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