Skin Works Medical Spa

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One of the biggest shams ever!

This has to be one of the biggest scams that I dealt with in my life. About six months ago, I had a horrible bout of acne which had left craters all over my face. I have had very clear skin right through my childhood and never had any kind of skin issue so I was quite taken aback when I started having acne in my thirties. It looked like I had some kind of hormonal imbalance but thankfully the acne was taken care of by my doctor. However, the poke marks and the craters on my cheeks refused to go away and this was why I had to seek specialized treatment. I thought a private clinic of some sorts would have a better solution to my problems, and with that in mind, I went to Skin Works, where I was assured that I would be given good treatment and would get my porcelain skin back. To be honest, I have never heard anyone lying through their teeth like that. I had to spend over a thousand dollars over three sittings over what was supposed to be some kind a collagen treatment which would help my skin to heal. However, nothing of that sort happened. The acne scars refused to go away and my skin just felt slightly better in terms of texture, with the pores being reduced. However, the main purpose of my visit was not solved at all and when I demanded a refund, I was told that the results would gradually show and eventually my skin would heal. It has been more than a month since the procedure and apart from one or two very light scars, all the other scars remain. I had never been ripped off like this before and I hope no one ever visits them again.

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