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Published: 17 September 2018

Posted by: me1717

I purchased a Groupon to get this Lipo Laser thing done to help with cellulite anyways long story short I’m 5-6 I weigh 140 the doctor quote on not really a doctor tries to convince me that I need to lose 20 lb in then rest out the door I saw him for maybe 10 minutes then office manager comes in ask me if you know some health questions what you thought they would do before anyways took my social my information you know everything and then at the end had my initial paperwork and I like they were like rushing me cuz they had to hurry and go and all they will what is this there like you know HIPAA stuff and then I get a ding on my credit goes down 30 something points and Credit Karma contact me and guess what somebody open the charge account from a health plan for a health plan for $1, 500 and charged me $1, 500 so now I’m going through this fraud dispute I got a Groupon for $69 because I couldn’t afford anything more I’m on Medicaid and I don’t start my new job was actually a gift I don’t start my new job until the 8th of July I told the guy this I said I can’t afford anything else but thank you you know he kept on pressing and made me feel so embarrassed but actually I just looked at him like I don’t have a job so no and I guess he didn’t like that answer so he did what he wanted to do anyhow avoid at all costs there at two different locations ones at Riverside and ones out and Bee Caves and yeah I’m sure the program works great but I’m not going to use any of the products I haven’t opened any of them and I’m not going to but he won’t even let me return them cuz he said since I’ve issued a fraud alert I couldn’t even figure out where it came from because it was under a different business name so terrible terrible terrible terrible because I’m going to try to go talk to them in person and see if I can get a resolution and just B you know you get more bees with honey kind of thing but I mean I have no expectations be careful what you get off of Groupon for for real I’m smart enough to know to read the paperwork in them and ask for copies he said oh we have them here don’t worry about it you don’t need to worry about we have all your information here jerk say the least and smile cuz first world problems right at least I’m healthy!

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