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Published: 16 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This company is totally misleading. I had the same experience as most the other peoples complaint state. I truly had this product for a total of three to four days now, technically going by the ladder of the two seperate charges. SkinnyIQ, argued that they state this so called membership agreement in smaill print on their trial ordering site. Not True… all. It never stated that there will be an automatic withdrawl for any kind of membership at the end of any kind of so called trial membership. They charged me $94.31 for a membership I never agreed to and never authorized. When I spoke to a customer service rep, he was refusing to resolve my distress over this matter, I, than, asked to speak to a manager. He put me on hold and I waited about one to two minutes, he returened and said there was no manager available. At this point, I am very angry. I kept somewhat cool until than. So, I than opend up on him. Its horrible to have to be angry at the person not in control of how business conducts themselves, its equally horriable when a so called business is a scamand they only see the immediate profit as their goal; instead of how much more valuable it is to them to have happy loyal customers. I will never deal with SkinnyIQ again. I hope that this is put out there in cyber universe for all to see. Its an absolute shame that their nothing but cheats, scam artists and base their company on misleading information just so they can steal from unexpecting customers. .

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