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Expensive and disgusting chocolate!

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Published: 13 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Skinny me belgian chocolate is a food making company who claims to make such chocolate who helps in managing weight. But I must tell you that they are just fake and will give false hopes only. I have gained 2 kg suddenly in five days after eating their chocolate. Also, I am facing stomach ache then after.

When i asked my doctor, she said it could be because of my metabolism. Later, my distant relative had also tried the same chocolate, and she had various issues too. By now i relasied the problems was not with my metabolism and insead the chocolate itself.
After a lot of research i found out that the ingredients that they use, help in reducing fat only once, and after that continuos consumption can be dagerous to the body.

They have used ingredients and chemicals which are very harmful for consumption. These people just played around with health of so many people not relasiing what impact it would have on them.

The weight gain was so much, that till date neither my relative or me have been able to reduce the weight. I regret choosing the chcolate. Wish i was a little more sensible and thought that how can a chocolate helping in reduction of weight.
Please dont fall into their scam. You are beautiful the way you aare and if you want to reduce weight, there are many other ways to reduce the weight. Nothing comes without hardwork, and for reducing weight too, you will have to work hard.
Please dont buy this chocolate or let anyone you know buy this. The weight gain will make yyou look so pathethic, that you wont feel like seeing yourself in the mirror. Eat healthy and exercise everyday, you will have a much better body. It is way better than buying this expensive disastorous chocolate.

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