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Published: 28 August 2017

Posted by: George S. Goddard

Last year, in June I was searching for jobs as office assistant position. I was posting my bio data and job experience to many sites, which monetize or hire for this post. It was 23th June when I got a mail from a company named SKYWALKERS CONSTRUCTIONS LIMITED. The email was consisting of a great proposal which states that I was hired to their firm as the office assistant. They were thanking me for joining at this time because it was their busiest time. They provide the date of joining as 3rd July, along with an appointment letter and certificate of sponsorship. They wanted me to post at their home office in the UK. So they attached Visa application form along with the mail. The visa form consists of two tears from which UK border agencies approve me to enter at their country.
The mail was quite an impressive one cannot ignore that. Even I could not ignore that. But one thing I got in my mind that why a reputed international firm hire me this way? I mean they should, at least, call me for a face to face interview. Even a small firm nowadays does not hire any employee without any interaction. But since I was requesting for a good job for a long time I made my mind try in this job, and why if they already had hired me with a high promising salary. I opted for go and check for the job. But for that, I had to complete the visa application which was going to cast me too much.
The mail came from the address [email protected] and there was also helpline numbers provided as +44 70 3596 2533. I opted to call them for the necessary information I wanted. After a lot of tries, I managed to make a call to their customer handling unit. I asked him for my queries like how can I get the visa, what is the necessity in form. They told me that I have to pay for the visa from the company would manage to provide you the visa, and you will be placed in the UK with a huge salary. Hearing this I was surprised why I should pay if the SKYWALKERS CONSTRUCTIONS are hiring me the company should pay for its work. But they cleared it that the visa charge will be taken from me only.
Anyhow, I managed the payment of visa charge and I paid it to the company by their policy, along with my fully completed VISA application form. The company then responded back that they will provide my Visa in about a month, and then only I can join the work in the UK. I waited till 2 fortnights, and then again contacted to the company. The company stated that there is something wrong in an application form and they had sent it for revision, once your visa will be clear we will call you.
The Fucking call came; they said that the application is rejected for the wrong information sent. They did not accept my application. I was gutted at that point of time, but seriously I did not make any mistake in that form. The caller said that your money will also not refund to you. It is UK government procedure. It was another shocking news for me I was extremely FUCKED. He said that if you want to apply again you have to submit your application form again along with your application fees. What? Are you serious? Who will waste money for the company which has already eaten my huge amount of money with a fake promise of the job? I was left fucked alone. I was charged with a lot of money still I don’t have the job.
Then only I realized that that was a Scam email, I should not be that greedy. No company hires employees without face to face interviews. And which companies’ number start with +44? I reviewed my own opinion and came to know that I was scammed badly.
These types of scammer have no pity on the poor people. Seriously these bunches of bloody rascals should be hung upside down and beaten with iron rods. I am asking you people to make a mile distance from these dodgy looking people. And especially don’t go through the email until you totally verify this. This is just an advice but it can help you to not to be FUCKED.

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