Skywalker Construction

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DO NOT Fall for the Scam by Skywalker Construction

This goes out to all job seekers or anyone who gets an email from this fraud company called Skywalker Construction Ltd. They are people who play on your innocence and get money from you. One of my job seeker friends got a call from them last week. We later found out that the number isn’t real. We tried calling back on that number and got nothing. They told her that they are based in the UK and he will have to relocate.
They barely took a proper interview and just told him he is selected on the basis of his resume. Damn weird! He still played along. They told him to fill some visa forms that they emailed him and shared the bank details for the transfer of $5000. He asked them what is the money for and they told him for the visa applications and other stuff. If a company wants to hire someone, they will take care of the visa procedures. Why does he need to?
He looked them up online and was not sure. He called them back and as I told you, they weren’t reachable. He dropped them an email and they never replied. Guys, be very very careful when dealing with such companies who ask money from you for hiring. No company in the world would do that if they are legit. You need to ignore such emails and don’t waste your time. Let other people know about companies like these so they don’t become a part of the scam.

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