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Published: 10 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Sleepy Hollow Realtors – Plainfield, NJ We where looking to buy a property that was being brokered by “Sleepy Hollow Realtors – Plainfield, NJ”. My wife and I where so happy and looking forward toward buying this home “they repsented/brokered” to build our family rite after our marriage. We attended and open house where a representative of sleepy hollow “Ryan Mcgurl” stated that there was no issues with the home and he completely knew our situation we just coming of another deal that didn’t fall through because they owed money and had liens agaisnt the property. He told us not to worry we won’t have to go through that again. We made our offer the seller accepted it. Rite when we went through the process of closing our lender approved the loan gave us a clear to close, then boom last minute we got hit with a tittle issue. It turned out the entire time Sleepy Hollow Realtors failed to do there home work and ficiously listed/brokered this property knowing the potential issues that it carried. But they didn’t care as soon as they found out there was tittle issues they completely fell off and took out there fustrations on us. Disrespecting us “the buyer” over the home because there seller didn’t have there stuff in order. Long story short the seller was unable to present a clear tittle nor did sleepy hollow realtors do a prelimnary search on the tittle to ensure it was clear of any issues. The reason I’m reporting this is because I never want any young investors to go through this. They completely clouded the entire listing and could careless about there clients. I highly recommend your careful dealing with these sleepy hollow agents ryan mcgurl and joseph burris. They come off as a scam and you can never reach them via phone. Ryan mcgurl our agent during the last few days called me and took out all of his fustrations on me and even said he didn’t work for sleepy hollow ( he lied on the contract )and lied verbally. At the end of the day I will say this sleepy hollow realtors agents joseph and ryan are thinking about the end result making money. It took them several days to return our deposit from the entire and they didnt even bother to help us at all. Our attorney stated to us that they completely washed there hands with our situation and can do nothing about it. Dont do any business with sleep hollow realtors they are scam. .

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