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Published: 07 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Slicethepie Limited incorporated in England and Wales with registered number Registered office, Slicethepie ltd, Park Court, Brimpton, Berkshire, RG7 4ST VAT Registration Number Also Rep 78669″ To Rep Jerry This company is promoted using by Alicia Washington who promotes them highly as well as some other bloggers on Youtube. Many of us have notified them that the company is a rip off and they have been doing the following: 1. They get people to sign up via of which the host Alicia Washington gives us a referral link where she gets a percentage of our work. 2. does not provide any training, or detailed info of what they want us to do or how they want it done. Therefore many of us started making only .02 per song review. but if you can write more in detail we can get paid more. Therefore I can type 80 to 100 words per minute and I am very good at the reviews. I was making some extra money off and on for six months. However they locked my account with the money i had earned in it and they didn’t give me a reason. I emailed them several times and they didn’t respond. They basically stole my money. Upon reveiw I learned that hundreds if not thousands of others had the same experience they worked very hard on music reviews and Slicethepie locked their accounts, didn’t pay them, refused the answer emails. One rep from company posted on another board that he would look into the matter his name was Jerry and his rep number is 78669 but he never got my money back and I never heard back from him. 3. They do not provide a phone number or tech support phone number. 4. They locked up the accounts without even allowing us to withdraw our money or funds they basically are stealing hard earned money from the workers and coming up with lies that we did something wrong when most of us were doing the very same thing as we did when we made only 2 cents but once you get to GOLD level they start trying to take away points making it hard for you to become a higher paid reviewer then they lock your account. I feel that they are a scam and other people should be warned that they do not pay the workers. They give you some payments which allows you to earn their trust and then once you leave maybe 10, 15, 20 plus dollars in their account they come up with a reason that you did it wrong and they basically let you go. It’s a scam they want everyone working for 2 cents not more than that. They use Alicia Washington of to sing their praises and get them more vulnerable people who maybe unemployed and trying to make $25 to 40 a day if they are good at writing and can type 100 words per minute they could make good money each day. However is unfair, they STEAL money from workers who really put a lot of time and effort in doing the reviews. Also their system locks up and sometimes you can’t even submit the review. They have a glitch that says that you posted the same thing but workers write hundreds if not thousands of reviews and sometimes there could be similar wording but it does not allow copy, paste, or writing the same. However, they should have a way to talk to people, look up the info, and try to be fair. Many of us have come to conclusion that they are crooks and they get Americans to work for pennies and they don’t pay them. They pay them a few times then lock up the account and they have Alicia Washington to find them new workers then they lock the ones who got better and make 20 cents per review drop them without notice. Music Reviewers/Scouts be aware that you might get paid a few times but they will lock your account and you cannot get your money. They won’t write you and they won’t release the funds. They are scammers.

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