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Published: 18 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I have a long story, but will try to keep it short ! Joined this trial membership for weight loss supplements. When I joined, I noted that I had 30 days to like the supplements, if not, contact them and the membership would be cancelled and my credit card not charged ! Knew better, bit thought I would try it and cancel, if I didn’t like the results ! I hated the supplements. all it managed to do is give me stomach cramps and live in the bathroom ! I called to cancel my membership within the 30 days. You call the phone number it it say you may cancel the membership by pressing 1 and you would not get any more product. In Feb, I recieved a bottle of Slimming Carcinia. I contacted the customer service line and spoke with a representive for over 1 hour about how I didn’t cancel my membership and could get my money back. My husband heard this going on so he took the phone and decided to see if he could talk to them to make them understand that I did not want their product and just wanted my $90.00 refunded to my credit card. Did not happen and said we could sent the product back and he would try to get my money back. So, I had put it on my desk so I could ship it back ( at my cost of 13.00 ). Approximately, a week later, I recieved another bottle of Slimming Garcina. I contacted them again, same story as previous phone call, but representive much more rude. He also informed me that I would be getting another shippment in March. Now, I canceled my membership long ago, still recieiving supplements at $90.00 a bottle. I decided to wait for the shipment in March so I could send back that products as well. When I recived these shipment, I never opened the packages or bottles, so they remained unused. So I recieved my bottle of Slimming Cleanse in March and contacted them and they gave me a shipping RMA number by email to send the products back. I told them I had 3 products, would tht be a problem ? By email, no problem ! They asked me if I had open the bottles, informed them that I had not. They said just send them back ! No other information was given. Today, I noticed that I had not recieved any of my funds from them had been returned to my credit card. I contacted them to ask what was happening with my refund. Again, customer service run around. She told me that they would refund one bottle at $90.00. I inquired why ? She informed me that I needed 3 different RMA numbers, one for each product. I explained that I clarified earlier abot one RMA number before sending and was told one would be fine. Told her that I sent 3 bottles back so I wanted a full refund for 3 bottles ! 90 x 3 =270 ! She then told me that 2 of the products were from Feb and they were 30 days old. I informed her that no one told me of a time frame to ship back and especially when I asked because I would be getting another shipment in March. She had a shitty attitude and said ” oh well ! I will refund 1 bottle !” Husband overheard the conversation and asked for supervisor ! She said ” you will wait a long time !” waited for 30 mins for a supervisor. Then he comes on the phone and said we will give you 1 refund and went over the same thing that the girl said to us. My husband was very nice and requested the full refund with him over 3 times. Scott explained that $270.00 is alot of monety and we would like our money back to pay bills, ect ! The supervisor said ” what does that have to do with anything ?’ REALLY ? still waiting and filed with BBB ! CAN WE SAY RIPPPPPPP OFFFFF ! BUYER BEWARE !!!! .

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