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Published: 20 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I won a $200.00 no deposit bonus i waited 4 months before i was told that i violated the terms and thay cancled my withdraw the reason thay cancled the with draw because i played another bonus when i had a withdraw pending.iplayed about 3 or 4 bonuses before thay told me that i violated the terms . then i told them i wanted my deposit back and thay told me if i want my deposit back then i cant play on any of there casinos anymore .i told them so what i dont want to play on any of there casinos any way do u think im stupid i waited a little while then called them again and thay told me that thay wont refund my deposit because it was to long ago that i deposited so thay cant refund my deposit . then thay said thay could credit my acc. and i could start all over i told them no i want my deposit back thay told me no and i havent heard from them since .

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