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Money Back Guarantee SCAM!!! NOT A REAL COMPANY

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Published: 15 April 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Smart Media Marketing and PR is a complete scam. DO NOT fall for the slick slaes tactics of Landon Charles and his frauduletnt company. He will contact you with pipe dreams of making your company grow fast and through his channels and networks. He will even offer you (In contract and writing) a Money Back Guarantee!! Sounds amazing right??? Well we were in a hurry and fell for the scam and now we’ve been trying to get our “money back guarantee” back for months and its all lies and stories about how busy he is and how much travel he does, and how the bank is messing with hime and how the wireing process is messed up. Lies Lies Lies. When we had to wire him money to get started it was within hours, now when we want our money back per our contract he doens’t know how to do it.

Here’s some helpful hints that you should slap us in the face with because we were to stupid to do our home work and got to excited to get our online business going when this “Professial” JOKE contacted us through our Social Media Markeitng ad on Craigslist.

*Don’t use a high end company that contacts you through craigslist as no big time company would do this in the first place

*Checkout their facebook page as its usually a great resource. This company claims to be a social media marketing company with thousands of clients and pro\’s in this space yet have 2 likes on their facebook page. Literally 2 likes LOL

*Checkout and verify that they have a business address and check with the Secretary of State. 1. you can\’t find Smart Media Marketing and PR in California, Nevada, or New York which they claim to have business in all three states. 2. There claimed address in California; 3031 Stanford Ranch Rd, #2-411, Rocklin, CA 95765 is a AIM mail center. Not even a PO Box from the USPS, First red flag with an addresss, and the claimed address in Nevada; 7251 W. Lake Mead Blvd. #300, Las Vegas, NV 89128 is a virtual office that anyone with a pulse can aquire for 49.99 a month. All leads to a FAKE COMPANY.

*This guy claims to be an author, a speaker, a specialists, and a SEO pro that has built a website up to be at the top of the google search engines so he can scam the small guy out of money and not provide a service to our company. The testimonials on the site are most likely fake just like all the other business\’s on his site as nothing has a company name or officers name to verify that is legit. There\’s is not enough information on the site to verify that its real. Just enough for idiots not taking their time, (like us) to believe it without verifying it and get takeing for a few thousand dollars.

We’ve been told for weeks and weeks that his assistant is going to reach out to us and his partner is going to the bank, and I can pay you today I\’m at the Super Bowl, and I have all these new clients that are taking up all my time. Please do your home work so you save your moeny for the no work that will be provided and you save the headache of searching for an attorney to help get your money back and to track down whatever the real name of these peopel and the company are.

I’ll leave you with an exact quote from thise scam artists website which you can find for yourself on the home page and which in I am smirking at as I type because he told me this is the curse of our company and we never what this to happen to you if people are speaking poorly about your business, yet this is exactly what just happend to Smart Media Marketing and PR.

What are people saying about your business online? 72% of U.S. consumers said they research companies through social channels before making purchases.

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