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Published: 05 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased two $25.00 gift cards for my mom for Christmas. I thought that she wanted to get a perm. I gave her the gift cards but she did not want to go to the Salon. I returned to the salon the day after Christmas with my gift cards and receipt. I was told they didn’t refund gift cards. I asked if I could make a small purchase and get the rest of the case back but that was not acceptable either. I noticed a sign on their wall indicating all refunds must be accompanied by original receipt; I took out my phone w/camera and snapped a photo of that sign. I pointed to the sign and politely told her that she was looking to a lot of trouble if she did not honor the sign. Then I left. Next to that sign was another sign with an 800 on their wall pertaining to customer care. I called the Regis number and was told the cards were non-refundable as stated on the back of the gift card. Now I found out that there was something in writing about the policy. This is what irritates me alot: 1. They should be refundable. This is a rip-off to consumers. If you have your receipt, your money should be refunded. This is just plain stealing. 2. The gift card is mounted on a 6×4 piece of cardstock for presentation (or so it appears). The back of the mounting has a small window that shows the bar code. There was no indication of anything else on the card. But, in order to see the small, silver printing on the white card, you would have to remove the glued on gift card from the cardstock. Then find a magnifying glass enabling you to read the printing that states it is non-refundable. In my opinion this is strategically placed to conceal their policy. 3. There are no visible signs in the shop indicating the gift cards are non-refundable. However there is a sign mounted behind the register that states all refunds must be accompanied by the original receipt. Which lead me, the consumer, to assume the gift cards were refundable. This is my first experience with this type of rip-off. I am very upset and frankly I would be relish the opportunity to get involved with any group that sees this as a major rip-off to consumers. We need to get some laws passed that would protect consumers from losing their hard earned money in this way. This is nothing less than stealing. Any ideas about how to go about making and passing a law to bring an immediate halt to this practice? I’m a senior citizen, I’m not shy, and at this point raising a little Hell would be some type of compensation for all of my aggravation. Patricia Jasper, Indiana U.S.A. .

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