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Published: 07 March 2019

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When you first enter Smart Shape, everything seems good, nice environment, friendly staff, they sell you on how “great the doctors and prices are.” First off the book of before and after pictures are from previous surgeries which have not been performed by the current doctor, their website includes testimonials from previous doctors as well. I was supposed to have some areas of fat removed along with a fat transfer, in February I met with a Dr. Miles to start the procedure, The procedure was to remove bra fat and flanks, my entire bra fat is still there and a portion of my flanks are as well. When I went back for my follow up to schedule to have the areas removed, I was informed the doctor retired and that they had a new doctor coming in Dr.Soloman and they would be happy to set me up with him. I spoke with a lady named Carmen and informed her I researched this Dr. Soloman and found an entire website with failed surgeries and was not looking to move forward with this procedure, she asked me to come in and speak with her supervisor to get a refund, about an hour later a mysterious number texted me saying “Smart choice not moving forward with the doctor.” I replied “Carmen?” and my phone rang sure enough it was Carmen repeating what she sent in the text while adding, “and be careful because smart shape was cheating the patients out of their money and the true reason Dr.Miles was no longer there was because he called the owner out on what was going on. Here we are 2 weeks from when my surgery was supposed to take place and smart shape charged my account for the price of the financing, yet I had not completed the service, I went in and spoke with Tanya one of the “managers” she advised me whatever adjustments needed to be made will be corrected and that was that I never heard from them again, yet still almost a month later my money was not adjusted and I did not receive my refund, so I reached out to Smart Shape spoke with Carmen and she advised me it should have been done give it time and we ended the call, two days later Carmen called me to inform me they fired her and were not going to issue my refund. I called my bank and started an investigation for my refund, Smart Shape forged documents stating “The surgery was completed on February 23,2015” I called and spoke with a gentleman named Blake whom now worked the front desk, advised him on everything that I had already been through, he stated he was sorry to hear that and that smart shape has a contract with Dr.Miles, for all of his previous patients to return to him and he will complete the procedure, he even supplied me with the cell phone number of Dr.Miles and when i brought up the website for the new doctor, he laughed and stated “yeah I saw that if I were you id reach out to Dr.Miles” After speaking with Dr.Miles and him indicating he has no contract of any sort with smart shape, I called smart shape back and was put on the line with Michael the “finance manager” who stated he had a copy of my file and my surgery was completed in February, I made it very clear, the fat is still here I did not complete the surgery in fact I had areas that were included in my price that weren’t even looked at yet, he told me he would see what he could do and asked if he could place me on hold for 5 minutes, I agreed and was placed on hold for 45 minutes and still no one returned to the line. I hung up and called back 5 times no answer so I jumped into my car and drove down there to walk in and meet Blake who grinned when he found out I was the person placed on hold and never picked up on, I said I want to speak to Michael, the owner of smart shape himself came out and didn’t introduce himself instead stated he’s busy what can we do for you, I said I want to speak with Michael I’ve been going through this for months now I don’t wish to continue again he tried brushing me away so in mid conversation I interrupted to say again I want to speak to Michael, he had Blake call 911 and have me trespassed, I said okay do what you have to do I will stay here and wait for the police. while waiting I requested a copy of my file for this “completed surgery” and was told we don’t have your file Dr.miles took it when he left, them not knowing I had Dr.Miles new office information, so I called Dr.Miles office and was told they had not been sent my file, Blake and Michael looked at each other and I said “Michael on the phone earlier you told me you had my file and saw the surgery was completed so how is it all of a sudden you don’t have it?” he stood quiet and started shuffling through drawers, the owner then said to me “well were going to send you to collections if you don’t pay the amount and we already received a charge back for your down payment” I told him my bank already told me you disputed it and stated the surgery was completed so the money was not refunded again he stood quiet and all he could say was he was going to get me trespassed from his property. When the police officer got there I told him the entire story including the names of the people whom I’ve dealt with since the beginning, Carmen, Tanya, Kindle, Blake, Michael and he stopped me and asked me to repeat the names because apparently this same office had to come trespass Kendal and 2 other customers in the past month for similar reasons. To this day, Smart Shae has made no attempt to make things right and have not provided me with my medical records, nor any refund.

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