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Published: 17 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Chris Carmichael has a long criminal history dating back to the early 80’s. His ability to convince people he’s met or introduced by others to buy into one of his shells and invest on a verbal promise of making a huge return has gone through over 10 companies. All bankrupt, do your own research. Not one investor has ever made a single dollar! He uses famous people’s names in his sales pitch usually at a dinner setting. Andy Irons, Adam Sandler, snoop dog, the Hamilton family of Hawaii, people he’s met and that have credibility,building your trust is his main con. All of the people I mentioned had invested at one point or another. his motive is to keep the smoke and mirrors believable and investors investing. if you ever been to his house you know where all the money goes. Cars,Watches,diamonds,and a vastness of materialism, I’ve seen it with my own eyes! he has a social disease of an insecure nature. Unbalanced,deceiving, and angry.. He will say a lie with the straightest face, he makes you feel like his friend. his and his wife’s ability to steal by using the law puts him in a category of criminals even state,FBI and IRS officials have a hard time apprehending. His skill comes with mutiple law-suits and numerous ex-employees, 50 lawsuits,200 ex-employees. always covering his trail in a multi-layered trust fund, covertly always keeping the power in his hands. But legally not one person can recover any prior investment. my research and speaking with previous investors, and ex-employees is better than any fiction. These two people are a psychological nightmare with crimes, lies, and even there own children’s futures taxed with government liens, including IRS penalties.. Stock fraud,mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, bank wire fraud, mail fraud, involvement with drugs, and taking cash in hand, are a small portion of this plot they so carefully weav.. The worst part of these future prison inmates is that they use Gods name in vain. 60% of there prior investmests come from church goers, and ministers.. they keep Saying all the good things while you only try to keep calling over and over.. Once they have your money it’s to late, nothing personal to them just a game, as your risk in investing and his charm are in small paragraph that you forgot to read we hen you sign. your creditted/unaccredited funds hit one of his multiple government insured accounts.. Yes he’s that good at being evil… I recently spoke to one of his previous investors who said that he gave C.Carmichael 300,000 us in cash all unaudited, and of course he/she never got a dollar back.. They didn’t know what to do. As once the Carmichaels get the money they make up some excuse why they can no longer stay in close contact. Infact a lawyer is your best chance at this point. To date Chris and Connie have taken close to seventy million dollars. There’s companies have no revenue,there’s stocks are worth nothing, not one investor has made a cent. It’s a story that should be scripted but it’s not, these demons work for the devil. They have no feelings or souls.. Karma is real, and these two villains will face it. I’m sorry to the investors,ex-employees and goverment officials who all have had there time taken up and life’s put in dis-order by this illegal activity. Just read the Carmichael’s recent scc reports on yahoo to date not one of his patents has any presidence or revenue,licensing and contractual capability. He’s so good at this that in his 10k and other reports he blatantly states that his company will eventually go bankrupt at the current rate of valuation. If you or any investor you know has been defrauded by the Carmichaels??$$?? And want to do the right thing contact the attorney general of California, Kamala Harris at 919-322-3360 she’s aware but needs more information.. This life is to be lived in kindness to your neighbor and fellowship of truth. People like this are perfect examples of why God made laws in the first place. As most laws are for crimes against the spirit. How do I know all this? I was Chris and Connie’s friend once but never again.. Hope all of you read this before you invest in these people. EYE OF JUSTICE

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