SMI Swissmetal Inc

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SMI Swissmetal Inc. sold baskets of metals to investors, whi

Swiss metal group also known as SMH Panama or Swiss metal assets is a criminal group, a fraud group who have been calling themselves a legal company from 2012 through 2016. The company sold strategic and rare metals to investors who wished to diversify their investments in physical assets. They sold baskets of metal such as Gallium, Dysprosium, Hafnium etc through internet marketing and direct selling at international seminars. They sold these metals to high-tech industries that produce either electronics or aviation goods or defence industrial products.
According to them, they stored these metals in secured vaults in Switzerland as well as Panama, and provided sale of metals to other customers or investors.
My husband bought a few baskets of metal from them which he decided to resell after a year or so, but they never made complete sales. After a few months my husband was told that the company was being liquidated, due to which they found only 15 % of the purchases. As for we thought, that was the only Swiss based firm actually legally functioning. But now, all I hope for is my refund, I’m expecting other related branches of the firm to call me and refund my money.

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