Smile Cabarrus

Run by misogynists and racists!

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Published: 03 May 2019

Posted by: Gladys

I’ve never such a rude and arrogant dentist. I had gone to Smile Cabarrus a few months ago for a routine checkup. I don’t usually go there but my regular dentist was out of town and I didn’t want to ruin my schedule. It was a lame decision to go there because the dentists at Smile Cabarrus are anything but professionals. They don’t hesitate in making racist or misogynist jokes. And they don’t hesitate in calling names. You don’t expect your dentist to start using cuss words for a politician. You also don’t expect your dentist to comment on your breast size.

I was horrified with my experience there and I wondered why even went to that place. At that time I had thought it was a decent place because of its popularity and multiple branches. You’d think a place with multiple branches must be a successful one. And I guess it is a successful clinic. But I don’t think it’s the right kind of place for decent people. Moreover, the lewd comments of the dentist really made me question the ethics of that place. You see, Smile Cabarrus isn’t just normal dentistry. They also handle pediatric dentistry, i.e. they handle children’s cases too. And I can’t comprehend the fact that such lewd people would be handling those cases. The atmosphere of that place is certainly not right for kids. If I were a parent, I’d keep my kids miles away from that place.

Not only did the dentist made a few perverted comments but he also used a lot of foul language for my dentist. He asked who my regular dentist was and when I told him his name, he started using different cuss words. He started saying how rude, ill-minded and inexperienced my current dentist was and if I kept going there I might end up losing a bunch of my teeth. I’m not joking here. The dentist at Smile Cabarrus really said those things. I can’t tell you how much disgusted I was when I was hearing such words from a dentist.

It’s clear to me that those people have no idea of manners, decency or professionalism. From the ill-words he said about me to the words he used for the other dentist, the entire behavior of the dentist there was pathetic. I don’t have the words to express how terrible my experience was. I left the place as soon as I could. And I’m telling you, I’m never going there ever again. A place with such low-minded people shouldn’t be allowed to be pediatric dentistry.

The problem is, the dentist wasn’t the only ill-mouthed person. The receptionist was very rude too. And if I had talked a bit more with her, she might have used some cuss words too.

I believe some people like to say a lot of cuss words and for some, it might be a great place. But I don’t think it’s the right place for kids. The place isn’t worth your time, effort or money.

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