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the unsanitary environment makes me vomit, disgusting!!

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Published: 05 May 2019

Posted by: Mary

I went to Smile Kannapolis because my daughter was feeling pain in her teeth. The staff was very welcoming and nice, however, the doctor was the total opposite, I haven’t met anyone who is more rude and snobbish than the doctor at Smile Kannapolis. He didn’t even bother to give an introduction of himself when he walked into the room, his arrogance was at a whole different level. He did a very quick checkup of my daughter and told me that she has a small cavity on her right molar teeth. Then he literally was walking out of the room. I stopped him and asked him what his name was, and he introduced himself and then continued walking. I haven’t seen such a toxic person in my whole life. He was mumbling something the whole time he was in the room and he even said,” Fucking shit” when he dropped his pen accidentally on the floor, he cursed in front of a 7-year-old child. The worst thing is that is not all! When I came the next time for getting the cavity cured, the doctor made my daughter lie down and whenever she moved even a little, he would scare her by saying,” If you move again, I will slap you”. I told him to not to talk to my daughter that way and as soon as he heard me, he gave me a very bad look, then he did the whole procedure without uttering a single word. The office was totally unhygienic and there were a couple of flies hanging around a dry coffee cup, which was really disgusting. There was dust all over the glass windows and the equipment he was using was old and made a lot of noise. I am not going to go to Smile Kannapolis ever again, even if it is the last place on earth. They overcharge for simple tasks and don’t know how to behave with their patients. The doctor was very unwelcoming. My daughter did not like Smile Kannapolis either, she told me that the doctor was very scary and he grabbed her arm very strongly whenever she said anything. After my horrendous experience, I have started going to a different clinic, which is much better than Smile Kannapolis and the doctor there is awesome with kids. He handles my daughter with care and he is very passionate about his profession unlike the swine at Smile Kannapolis. I am pretty sure that you can find a great clinic as well, just look on Google and you will find tons of them around you. Just make sure that you do your research properly and you will be good to go. Avoid places like Smile Kannapolis, which do false marketing and portray themselves as “the best”. I hope that you share this review with your friends so they can avoid Smile Kannapolis as well.

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