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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I always wanted to look good and handsome but the overcrowding of my teeth and the increasing number of acne on my face made me look ugly, I urgently wanted to get rid of them. I chose Smile Shop Dental and Facial Aesthetics for the best outcome. I would sadly say that it was one of the worst experience with the dentist out there. They made me look even worse after the treatment was done.
I would like to share my experience with the Smile Shop Dental and Facial Aesthetics. I made an appointment with the dentist to pull out of the extra teeth right in front. My appointment was of 11:00 am but I was kept outside for 2 hours. The clinic didn’t even have a water tank to offer water to the waiting customers. The waiting room was horrible itself. The walls were damp and water was seeping through the sides. Some of the chairs were broken and some made creaking noise as someone sat on it. The better seats were preoccupied with the other patients. The waiting room was smelling all the time. I requested the staff members to spray the room freshener but unfortunately, it was not available. Had to sit with the pungent smell for two long hours. It was my turn at last and as soon as I entered I praised him with a good evening to which he ignored rather coldly. He ordered me to sit for a while because it was lunchtime. He kept me waiting for another half an hour. The air conditioner was also not working the fan was of a good quality I felt very hot inside and restless throughout my treatment.
He finally came back and proceeded with my treatment. He crosses checked my teeth and then my face. He then started with his work and put a slimy lotion on my face and all of sudden he took out a plier and pulled my tooth out. I can’t even describe the pain I felt at that moment. I went unconscious the very next moment. My mouth was full of blood and it didn’t stop for another 20 minutes. He injured my gum so badly that it kept bleeding at times for another week. I will never forget the pain. How can a doctor be so careless and without any precaution or any warning just pull out my teeth? A dentist should make the parts unconscious on which he is working on. He never did that. I filed a case against such an illiterate dentist to immediately seize his practice license. Before leaving the clinic I asked him the reason to pull my teeth all of a sudden, he replied that “I wanted to do it without letting you know so that you should not oppose my opinion about what I was going to do”. I could never trust such an irresponsible dentist and the management with these kinds of dentists should be shut down immediately.

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