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Avoid SmileLife Dentistry at all costs!

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Published: 22 May 2019

Posted by: Valarie

SmileLife Dentistry provides the worst dental service possible. The main doctor is an egoist and does not care about their patients’ comfort or feelings. It is just going to make your life more difficult while giving you a hurtful experience to remember. I went to SmileLife Dentistry for taking care of my braces. I’m not from this area, however, I needed to find a good dental clinic and this one was nearby. The front desk people at this clinic made me sign a contract. The doctor started filling my teeth which somehow made my teeth look extremely short and ugly, then they applied braces on my teeth. After some time I started noticing that my teeth were looking hideous and the doctor told me to get a surgical procedure done which will make all my teeth longer and it would only cost $600. Neither the doctor nor the associates clarified what exactly the procedure was going to be. They did not even tell me what their true intentions were. Most of the time the doctor will not even talk to me directly! The girl taking pictures of teeth is very rude as well, she will force open your mouth as wide as humanly possible even if you feel pain. She was opening it too wide and when I tapped on her shoulder she literally slapped my hand and told me to stay still. And to make things even better, they charged me $50 for each appointment I missed, WHO CHARGES THIS MUCH MONEY FOR MISSED APPOINTMENTS! Even if you try to contact them and tell them that you might not make it in time, they will STILL charge you. And they rarely pick up the phone, 90% of the time I was left on voicemail. They do not provide any discounts for their mistakes, they will just say a bland sorry and move on. Once they made me come to the clinic by deceptive methods. They told me that they have some urgent news that I need to hear and I should come there as soon as I can. I got really scared and drove to the clinic. My house is 30 minutes away from the clinic and they called me during the rush hour. It took me more than 45 minutes to reach the clinic. And when I asked them what was the news, they told me that I owe them $20 and I should clear it soon. WHAT THE FUCK!!! They could have told me this silly thing on the phone. Moreover, SmileLife Dentistry is a very expensive place and they overcharge for everything they can. I’m not a millionaire with cash laying all around me, I have to stick to a budget and if I fail to do so, I go in debt. And that is exactly what happened during the time I was visiting SmileLife Dentistry. I would advise all of to STAY AWAY from SmileLife Dentistry and keep your selves safe.

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