Smiles of Memorial: Daniel Dernick, DDS

I had to go to another clinic to get my ‘treated tooth’ checked.

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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Who could be unfortunate enough to get treated at a pathetic dentist clinic by a more pathetic doctor? You guessed it correctly. Me. I had never been too careful about my teeth. Since I moved to my place and had no one around to pester me about brushing my teeth twice a day, I became more careless. You don’t realize how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have let. This is exactly what happened to me. One fine day, I started experiencing soul-taking pain in my teeth. It was so bad that I could not even talk without dying a little on the inside. I did not procrastinate this time. I rushed to my laptop and started searching for prolific dentist clinics having reputed dentists. It did not take me much time to find Smiles of Memorial online. Since I could not bear any more pain, I scheduled an appointment for that very day.
I left my workplace early and rushed to the place an hour before the appointment to not miss my appointment. Dr. Daniel Demick was going to be my dentist. I reached the place and a foul aroma hit my nose the moment I set foot into the clinic. I rushed to the receptionist’s desk and inquired about the doctor’s availability just to be sure. I as shooed-off by the rude and grim lady. I had to wait for thirty minutes after which came the moment when I was called in by Dr. Daniel. He was not as nice as I had thought. His cabin was a mess and somehow, the foul smell was stronger inside his cabin. After telling him my problem twice, he checked my teeth and told me about the cavity that needed to fill as soon as possible as there was an infection that had developed quite recently. He was too busy to prescribe me the medicines for easing the pain and so he had his assistant do this menial job. His assistant told me to come after 4 days if ‘I want to save my teeth’.
After the four long and painful days, there I was, back at that clinic waiting for the doctor to get ready. I finally went into the cabin. I was strapped tightly to the chair and honestly, it hurt. The doctor gave me a dose of anesthesia which was useless as I could feel the rusted driller drilling through my holed-tooth. As if the pain was not enough, the doctor accidentally cut the lower portion of my gums by that damned driller. The pain was so immense that I wished for death. The doctor did not even bother to ask about my well-being. After cleaning the decayed part, he filled it up with ceramic fillings without even telling me about the nature of the filling that he was going to use. During the dressing part, he hurt my filled-up tooth by pressing it too hard. After the deadly procedure got over, he ‘suggested’ me the names of some medicines and bid me goodbye.
Three weeks passed and the pain still did not go away.
My advice – if you have a death wish, please go ahead and get yourself treated by Dr. Daniel Dernick at Smiles of Memorial. Your soul will not even find peace after death. Yes, this place is that horrible.

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