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They create nonsensical invoices and you end up paying them!

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Published: 27 May 2019

Posted by: Evelyn

Avoid Smilez Pediatric Dental Group Loudoun. They have a terrible billing staff. They don’t give you any refunds or compensation for their billing mistakes. No, according to them, their trashy billing staff doesn’t make a mistake at all. Either they are too pathetic or they are vicious people who steal money from the patients. Nevertheless, it’s not the right place for anyone to get proper treatment. I used to take my kid to this place for quite a while. I used to visit them on a monthly basis. The problem arose when they started deducting money from my credit card balance without asking me. First, they sent an invoice of $250 and after my second visit, they sent another invoice of $200. Those are some huge amounts for any kind of dental clinic. I didn’t know how to handle this issue. After they deducted the amount the first time, I contacted them and discussed why they did that. I also asked them when they would refund me the money. They told me that there must be an error made by their billing staff and they’ll resolve the issue. Guess what? They didn’t do anything. They just kept the money and whenever I contacted them about the refund, they’d just ignore me and give me vague replies. I was seriously frustrated and didn’t know what to do. But when they deducted the amount again, I visited that place and told them that they have to issue me a proper refund now. At that time, they told me that I’ll need to wait for a week or two. Again, they didn’t issue any refunds. They just kept the money and told me to wait because they thought I’ll eventually forget and give up. But because of this crappy incident, I’m no longer visiting that place. Why would I? Those people are thieves. they steal money from your account and don’t even bother accepting their fault. Whenever I asked them about my refund, they just gave me vague replies such as ‘Wait for a week sir, we’re doing some formalities’ or ‘you’ll receive the refund soon’. It’s been 2 months since I visited that place and they still haven’t issued me my first refund. I’m certain that Smiles Pediatric Dental Group is a fraud and nothing else. You might think ‘How can a pediatric dental clinic be a fraud?’ but the truth is right in front of you. These people deliberately withdrew money from my account through sending bogus invoices and bills. First, they just put the blame on their billing and accounting staff and then they just give you nonsensical replies when you ask them about the refund. You shouldn’t visit this place. There are many other pediatric dental clinics in the area, where you won’t have to worry about getting robbed or cheated. This place is just filled with greedy, selfish scumbags and you’d be safer if you go and visit someplace else.

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