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Published: 15 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This is madness. I too ordered one of these SMOKE BOX HOOKAH’s (billed as being “The World’s First Retro Portable Hookah!” which is an utter joke). Unfortunately for me this was before all of the recent reports of all the problems people are having with this particular hookah. I ordered from the owner, a gregarious Domincan man in his late 20’s – early 30’s who goes by the moniker “The Caliber Hitter” online. Well this cabrón despistado sure does have himself a “hit” alright. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this fella has a hit out on his life at this point based on all of the people he’s maiming with his shoddy portable hookah time bombs. Not only that but if you do a Google search for this guy – you will find that killing people with hookahs is the least of his problems as apparently he doesn’t want to spend time coming up with a safe design that actually works -but he would rather taunt the Los Zetas gang (srsly) and flaunt his beating up of women (again, srsly). In order to make sure that the women not go to the police, he apparently threatens them with making a website in their name and writing a bunch of false slander on it. Felix the owner – is obviously some kind of lunatic. Regretably, he’s also a lunatic who is $160.59 richer……with my money (which he says he won’t return, but don’t worry, I’m suing his butt). So yea, the point is stay away from this product, I used it twice. The second time I let it cool down and then went out to see Jurassic World at the movies with my girl. Returning home, once I was on my street and saw the smoke and the lights, I was waved over by the fire marshall who informed me that my mom’s foyer had completely gone up in smoke while she was upstairs asleep. My poor mom had to be hospitalized overnight for smoke inhalation and severe respiratory irritation. Her cough is just now going away. I’ve never left a bad review on anything in my life but with this hookah, I wish I could scream it from the mountain tops:

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