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Published: 03 February 2018

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I have been with Godaddy for 6 years and I have always had small issues with thier company. I have even tried to leave but my website is so large I had issues and was forced to come back. Then I saw that they offered managed wordpress so I thought eureka. I tried it only to get errors on my website and eventually be told that I need to downgrade while they figured out why it didn’t work for me. On top of it I paid for 2 months on managed wordpress (in advance) and was told to pay again to move back to the downgraded to shared hosting while they work on the problem! Now my website is down. I am losing money by the second and job opportunities. I was told that there is no definite time on when it will be back up and that it may take up to 7 days for my website to be up and running. I can not afford to wait like this. It was your company that manipulated my files I never touched the website on my own through FTP or even Godaddy. They will not give me credit for the revenue I am losing. They are also not acknowleding that this is their fault, and instead saying that I have a lot fo files and that my files are not set up properly. My website was working just fine until I said “”Yes i will let you move me to managed WordPress”” If my website was so technically messed up WHY DID THEY SWITCH ME TO MANAGED WORDPRESS in the first place? My website has been down now for over 4 days and the only response I can get is “”We are working on it””, “”Out Jr. Admin is working on it”” The VP of Hosting called me and all he could say is “”we are working on it”” and “”it is not our faut your website is down””. Am I in the Twilight Zone? My website is still down and is now going on day 5. I NEVER TOUCHED ANY OF MY FILES. I trusted them with my content and trusted their company. I have been given 20 different stories by 20 different people. What did they do on thier end to cause my website to cause my website to be down for such a long period of time? Why I am being given 20 different reasons for why it is down and why am I being told “”they are working on it”” and not seeing results? Why do you treat your customers like this. I have receipts and bank statements to prove agreements I have with people who paid me to have their content up.We have a mailing list with thousands of subscribers and they are unsubscribing because of the website’s lengthy downtime. I know that Godaddy does not care, because they are not legally responsible for any of my financial or other losses, As per them All I am entitled to is a 5% discount off of one month of hosting and the money will be used to purchase future Godaddy products. Which is ridiculous. I am utterly disappointed. GODADDY WILL HURT YOUR SMALL BUSINESS BUT AT LEAST THEY WILL SAY THEY “”UNDERSTAND YOUR FRUSTRATION”” .

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