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Published: 06 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Re: SOCKETSITE.COM CURSE ( (Adam Sass Koval))- SOCKETSITE can be the financial destruction of you. Cyberbulling, Corporate Sabotage, Intent to Defraud, False and Deceptive Advertisement Sotheby’s International San Francisco/Napa (Robin William’s Villa Sorriso (or Villa of Smiles) in Napa), Charles Schwab’s The Hellman Mansion 2020 Jackson St, 94109 McGuire Realty (William Getty Mansion, 2900 Vallejo Street San Francisco) Pacific Union International/Christies Estates, Halsey Minor (founder if CNET) SF Home “Le Petit Trianon” (3800 Washington the Koshland House 3800 Washington Street, 94118 Steven Mavromihalis Coldwell Banker (Robin William’s Villa Sorriso (or Villa of Smiles) in Napa) / (The Montagna Estate Pritchard Hill 141 Long Ranch RD Napa. 240 Cinnabar Rd, Woodside, CA 94062 Vanguard Properties, Halsey Minor(founder if CNET) SF Home “Le Petit Trianon” (3800 Washington the Koshland House 3800 Washington Street, 94118 James Nunemacher We were the Victim of, it destroyed us personally and financially is designed to drive the maximum traffic with as many hits as possible. It feeds on property seller’s homes and coordinating “Posts” with listing agents in San Francisco. “Posts”, a Real Estate Blog site in San Francisco can be the financial ruin of you; It was for us! The “Posts” on can have disastrous consequences, just recently a very beloved and brilliant comedian/actor Robin Williams committed suicide because of financial problems. His beautiful 650 acre estate Villa Sorriso (or Villa of Smiles) in Napa, was the subject of several “Posts” on, first listed with Donald Van De Mark of Sotheby’s Napa starting April 21, 2014 and then with Cyd Greer with Coldwell Banker St Helena and Joyce Rey of Beverly HIllst has now taken a 5.1 million dollar hit and not sold. Many have lost everything as we almost did, leaving my husband and I suicidal for 7 years with no hope. Some have lost millions or just thousands after the “Posts”. It does not matters who the person is, the value of the home or the financial circumstance of the owner. Posts since Jan 2011 for these Brokerages are: Sotheby’s 174, TRI-Coldwell Banker 123, Pacific Union 112, Paragon 76, Zephyr 75, Vanguard 74, McGuire 64, Coldwell Banker 54, Hill & Co. 28. Alain Pinel 23, Brown & Co 12, Prudential 10, Barbagelata Realty 10, These are the Realtors in San Francisco with more than 3 “Posts” since Jan 2014. Jon Taylor 43, Malin Giddings 26, Neal Ward 23, Gregg Lynn 18, James Nunemacher Team 15, Payton/Binnings 14, Robert Levy 11, Steven Gothelf 11, Monica Pauli 10, P Barbagelata 10, Steven Mavromihalis 10, Carrie Goodman 9, Helena Zaludova 9, Greg Fulford 8, Pete Brannigan 8, Richard Teed / Butch Haze 8, Stephen Wu 7, B Brachman/A Coddington 7, Tal Klein 6, Val Steele 6, Olivia Decker Bullock 6, Mary Tobini 6, Clark/Fernandez 5, Amanda Jones 5,Antoine Crumeyrolle 5, Clark/Fernandez 5, Tim Jonson 4, Richard Meyerson 4, Rachel Swann 5, Mollie Poe 5, Donald Van De Mark 4, Caroline Kahn Werboff 4, A Sharif 4,Ted Bartlett 4, Tom Biss 4, Kathryn Holland 3,Fergus O’Sullivan 4, Gregory Terry 3, Grace Shohet 2, Over the last seven years we have been communicating with all the brokerages senior management and their affected real estate’s associates trying to persuade them to protect their clients and put a stop to the “Posts” on regarding listings to very little avail unfortunately and without the funds to retain legal help we have not pursued legal action. There are Victims of this Marketing who represent who’s who of San Francisco and America! We started contacting all Brokers and Realtors with: Posts” after our home was the subject of “Posts” on the site. The “Posts” about our home destroyed its value, causing us great financial hardship and ending in the foreclosure process because the home would not sell. In 2011 to better understand what was happening we created a data base of all “Posts” regarding listings on the site including all Brokerages of SF, not just Sotheby’s.. We now have over 4 years of data regarding “Posts” on socketsite for all the major Brokerages and Realtors that have had “Posts”. We have been able to identify many of the bloggers with the most egregious comments; most are realtors with various brokerages. The “Posts” can be disastrous for you as a builder or property owner. As a property owner you need to be concerned about this because the bloggers on the site can destroy the value in the property and you personally. I lost almost everything I had as a result of this marketing by my realtor. is designed to drive the maximum traffic with as many hits as possible. It feeds on property seller’s homes and coordinating “Posts” with listing agents in San Francisco. After trying to understand what took place regarding the “Posts” for my home that I was trying to sell I came to the conclusion that the basic premise was that the listing agent gets interest in the property and themselves and increases its traffic and Ad revenue. It took us 3 years to discover that my Realtor actually was responsible working with Adam Koval the founder of for the “Posts” regarding our home on his web site. In fact each of the “Posts” were initiated and sanctioned by her. In one case pictures of my home were part of a “Post” before it was even listed on the MLS. The “Posts” for our home were actually Ads. Yes, Ads by and for our Realtor, you see a lot of leads come to the realtors who have their Listings show up as “Posts” on this site. That is how we found her on SocketSite. She has become a very successful realtor over the years. We was forced to advise my potential buyers ’in my “Disclosures” as a death or water damage must be reported regarding a home is required of the SocketSite “Posts”, taking thousands in loses and in the end I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and we declared bankruptcy. THE SOCKETSITE CURSE . The “Comments” including the “Tweets” made by the “Bloggers” (most are Real Estate Agents) will live forever on the Internet as you will discover (google your property’s address and you will see that the “Post” on will be at the top of the page) and can result in substantial financial loss for you even in this very Hot Market (you will never know who much was lost even if you are over bid from the listing offer). Think of this as being like your first Realtor Caravan Open House but on steroids. Every comment made is magnified hundreds to thousands of times and will be read by a potential buyer. As examples of repeated “Posts” which have ether resulted in substantial losses for the owner or no sale, These homes were “Cursed” 100 Palo Alto, 94114 – Listed by Jon Taylor/Sotheby’s, 12 “Post’s” since 2008, first listed for 6.4 M now 4.695 M /1.5 M loss 2555 Union St 94123 – Listed by B Callan xxx 3 “Posts” since 2011,first listed for 9.25 M sold for 7.95 M 1 .5 M loss 21 Buena Ave East 94114 – Listed by Frank Castaldini/TRI, 10 “Posts” since 2006 lowered from 6.5 M to 4.9 M, 1.6 M loss so far 2901 Broadway, 94115 – Listed by Dona Crowder/TRI Coldwell Banker, 30 M decrease on final sale after 16 “Posts’ from 2007 2020 Jackson St, 94109 (Charles Schwab home) – Listing Jon Taylor/Sotheby’s, 5 “Posts since Sep 9, 2011, 5.25 M Loss. 3368 Jackson St, 94118 – Listed by Neal Ward McGuire, 3 M decrease in offer price after “Post”. 299 Santa Paula Ave, 10 Posts since 9/9/08 94127Mary Tobini/Pac Union– Foreclosed 2151 Green St 94121, 10 Posts since 2008, Foreclosed 5M loss, on market again, Post 3-1-13 / Helena Zaludova of Paragon 2255 Mariposa St, 94110, 1 million reduction after one “Posts” now 2 “Posts” 7/7/13 / 9/21/13, L Wolfe/ S McBride of TRI 1612 Church St, 94131 Listed by Gloria Smith/ Jon Taylor/ Sotheby’s 2 “Posts, starting 12/11/13, 305 T reduction These Stats were taken directly from regarding these properties. SocketSite is Not Architectural Digest Trust me………You do not want your home associated with this…………… “Posts” on the site can vary from a discussion of a new Gay Men’s Strip Club at the Old BofA at Castro and Market (5-3-13)t, Pee Stations in Washington Park (4-1-13),“Public Urination” in Dolores Park (3-15-13 / 3-16-18-13), “BDSM Bondage and Fetish” Sex Porn producer’s ownership of the San Francisco Armory to Slave and Master ” S&M Sex”, “Which Is Worse, Unpermitted Work or the Hells Angels?” ,“Should the Eagle (Gay Bar) be declared a historical site?”(10-28-11) OR, delighting in the “Short Sell” / “Foreclosure” of someone’s home or their Bankruptcy (Halsey Mc Lean Minor founder of CNET – 5/30/13 3800 Washington Street, 94118) or most recently on 10/9/13, 4287 23rd St, Foreclosed. 11/26/13 3157 Baker St Foreclosure, Five “Posts”, On Jan 16 2014 a discussion about a “Den of Adult Activities (i.e gay public sex in a theater on Market St)’. Posts are not happenstance There would not be a “Post” on without the images/pictures in the “Post”. The images used in the “Post” came directly from the Realtor’s office. They were not stolen from another website. In our case, our Realtor and an internal marketing representative enabled Adam Koval to obtain them. Note regarding any RedFin Link if used in the “Post”, it is a violation of RedFin Terms of Use for SocketSite to link unless being compensated by the Listing agent. Please take the time to reflect on how devastating this can be to a property owner. The Brokerages and Realtors that let this happen or collaborate are responsible either way through culpability or negligence and a failure to meet their fiduciary responsibilities under California Real Estate Laws. Do you really want to place your most expensive investment in the hands of individuals who are so reckless and have so little respect for your assets and you to let this happen whether you are a home owner, flipper or contractor? Think through this, really think about it. In our opinion these Brokerages and the above realtors appear to be using the to market their listings (or they are simply incompetent and unable to protect their clients from these posts and this site). Less than 20 Realtors have consistently had “Posts” on the site during the last 7 years, it is now down to under 10 in the last 2 years. What Can Be Done: your Broker and Realtor need to reverse the damage. IMMEDIATELY, Break the Link to , Your Realtor should De-List and then RE-List the Home on the MLS, change any Web Site Domain Name.Your Realtor and Broker should make all images copyrighted and block the ability to “Copy and “Save” an Image off the Internet. Take Control of all Marketing for your home. The Images of your Home belong to you only and you should be the only one permitting any use of them. Viewing of the Web Site for your Home should be by a verified e-mail address only.

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