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Published: 14 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I ordered a 7 ft slipcover sofa from Sofa U Love i Woodland Hills, California. I went over with the owner exactly what I wanted down to the stitching rather than piping. I also ordered fabric which he was to make two throw pillows for the sofa as well. The three weeks went by quickly as I waited for the sofa. They had given me a delivery date and I was expecting a phone call the day the sofa was supposed to arrive. I never got one. I called the salesman Arsen at the Woodland Hills store to ask him abou the delivery and he told me that I had to call the delivery company. Totally unacceptable. He was too lazy to do it himself. I called them and the secretary at the delivery company told me that she would find out my delivery time and call me back. She never di. I had to call her back. Once again..unacceptable. I had to wait around all day for them to call me with a delivery time. Why they couldnt figure out this out the night before I dont know???? So finally they told me they were coming and I was also told that I had to pay with credit card before they would deliver or I could pay cash at delivery. I was very apprehensive because I wanted to see the couch before they delivered to make sure it was right but I was told this was not an option. Two delivery people brought in the sofa and as they unwrapped it I noticed strings hanging from all over the seams on the sofa. I asked the delivery people why this wasnt taken care of before delivery but they had no anser. It was like there was no quality control. They proceed to use a scissors to trim all the strings. Totally unacceptable! I then noticed that they had done piping around the cushions instead of the double stitching. I made a phone call to arsen and they took the sofa back. He said it was his fault. The next day I got a call an hour before they wanted to bring the sofa back saying it was ready. The driver then called me an hour before the delivery time we agreed on to tell me he was waiting in front of my home. They brought the sofa back and this time the cushions were stuffed full of foam(which were supposed to be down) that they were bending. In addition the seams on the cusiions where the zippers were did not match up with eachother. IT looks like when they took away teh piping to put the stitching that they didn’t have enough fabric. The whole quality of the sofa is horrible! When I called to complain once again they told me that they would send out the delivery people with new inserts for the cusions. I asked Arsen to come and look at the sofa but never got an answer. In addition it is impossible to get a hold of anyone at the Woodland Hills store and when I called to ask to speak with a manager they kept refering me to the salesperson at the store(Arsen). I am totally appaled at how this is all being handled and cannot believe that a bussiness runs in this manner. Arsen has told me that they will pick up the sofa and redo the cushions. I told him this is not acceptable because the fabric will be from a different dye lot. The whole sofa is a piece of crap! It has been pieced together and the work is shotty at best. I told him that we want them to pick up the sofa and a refund for all our trouble. They refuse to refund us tellig us that they will make it right. I have no faith or trust in this bussiness and they are a bunch of thieves. I mostly blame myself as I should have read the reviews on Yelp before as there are countless complaint. I will be reviewing them on Yelp and reporting them to the Better Bussiness Bureau. In addition I have notified my credit card company. Horiible Bussiness and the owners should be ashamed of themselves! .

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