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Biggest scammers in the Automobile Industry – Solace Auto Warranty. They operate under many names -

The biggest mistake of my life is to trust a fucking shitty company as Solace Auto Warranty. These guys have changed the number and name so many times that I don’t even know which one is correct; is it Solace or Protect My Car or Precision Auto Protection. The bottom line is there is a reason that they have to hide behind different names. Else, I don’t see a reason to keep changing names. The reason is that they are big time frauds and cheats.
I got a call from them and they sold me a deal. I thought I will compare and see my options but they said that they had that deal only for that day and couldn’t hold it further so I signed up. Something stuck me and I still went ahead and checked online and I saw a lot of negative reviews about Solace. What bothered me most is the change of names and various numbers that they kept calling me every time from. What I did then was I called them and told them that I would like to cancel the deal.
The customer executive wasted my time for 20 minutes convincing me to stick to the deal which I clearly stated I am not interested in and just made a choice in hurry. The guy didn’t seem to understand I guess and transferred me to his sales rep who then tried to offer me $950 worth of discount in my deal. Suddenly, they were doing everything to stop me from cancelling. While I understand that it’s a tactic but a discount that low seems a little indigestible.
I had to keep telling him that I am not interested in any discounts and want to keep the phone down once he cancels my deal. After another ten minutes of mental torture, he agreed to cancel my deal and I was relieved. I was very close to falling for a scam by Solace Auto Warranty. They are not to be trusted at all. Later on, I found out that a lot of dealers that they claim to be working with haven’t even heard of them. This is the problem with such shitty companies. They make it bad for us to trust other companies that are actually good and provide good services.
One can only be too careful. Some of my friends actually went ahead with their deals since they were getting small payments and now they regret that they associated with this shitty company. These guys are only bothered about the money and that you stay with them. They try and offer you heavy discounts that no company will give you. It would have been a good thing but it’s a scam wherein you don’t get any benefits from the deal. You are just fooled and you won’t get any service and no dealers will know about these assholes. You don’t want to get stuck in that situation.
Don’t waste your time with this shitty company who has so many cases pending against it. The company has cheated a lot of people and is now changing name again to cheat some more. This is a ridiculous thing if they think people can’t understand what they are trying to do using different names. If you have been cheated by them, just write to me and I can put you in touch with other victims of this company. Maybe you guys can build a strong case together against them. I think that should in teaching them a lesson.
Solace Auto Warranty has shitty people running the company and hence you will never find any help from their reps. All the numbers that they call from aren’t answered when you call them back except for one. They are very smart and make sure they delete the recording of the calls wherein the customer is complaining and it is clearly their fault. I don’t know how far this company will go to make money by stealing. It is really pathetic to see these companies still in existence.
Make sure you share your experiences here so that other people can be warned. I almost escaped it and I want others to save their money from being stolen. My friends are suing this company but till then, we all need to be aware of the kind of scams that are going on out there and try to stop as many as we can.

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