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sound like a great deal but they’re actually pathetic.

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Published: 27 April 2019

Posted by: Randy

They lie to you in the beginning when you’re looking for a place. And when you start living there their attitude changes drastically. They don’t give a damn about your well being or your living experience. Their staff is very rude too. I believe their crappy customer service can ruin their business alone. But that’s not all. Their apartments are poor in many areas too. Whenever I used to contact their staff for an issue, I had to call 3-4 times in the hope that they will pick it up. And the tone of the staff used to be very cold and careless. It’s like they never cared for their customers. When I first moved to one of their ‘luxury apartments’ I had to face the problem of thin walls. The thin walls used to make it really difficult for me to get proper sleep. I used to think I had no kind of privacy whatsoever. You could listen to your neighbor’s normal talks through those walls. Whenever the neighbor moved one of his appliances or furniture I used to hear it clearly. I bet the case was the same as the neighbor below me. And this thing made sleeping a hell. But that’s not all. They have really vague policies regarding parking and parking spaces. One of my guests’ car was towed without any warning. They just towed it away because it was parked in the wrong space. According to them, that space was reserved for the residents of the apartments and not any guests. Clearly, this made me angry. They fined me for violating the rules of the colony too. And whenever I used to call the maintenance guy I had to wait for days for him to arrive. It was always as if he was busy and didn’t have the time to come and solve my problem. Like I told you when I first moved in there my house was unmaintained. One of the taps used to leak heavily which used to cause a lot of problems. When I called the maintenance guy to fix this issue it took him 4 days to visit my place. He told me he was busy and that he didn’t have the time. But it used to happen all the time. The maintenance people never arrive on time and this is a big downer for anyone facing a big problem with the house. The poor customer service, the vague policies and the low-quality maintenance of the apartments make Solaris Key Apartments a poor choice for any serious person. They are unreasonably priced too. So if you think you’d be able to save some money by living there, you’re mistaken. It costs a lot to live there and you’d be better off living someplace else. If I had even a tad bit of idea about these people’s poor customer service and the low quality of their apartments, I would have never contacted them in the first place. Heed my advice and keep away from these apartments. Don’t make the same mistake I made.

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