Got me fired with their [email protected] SOLAR LEADS!!!

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Published: 27 June 2020

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SolarLeads Club is a pathetic fraud and is owned by some 3rd world country guys! THIS IS NOT A LEGITIMATE COMPANY! You know how I know so much about these spineless turds because I hired them and I got fired because of them. I worked in a big solar company based in NY as a sales executive. I hired to get some solar leads after I saw their ad on Google. I had the job for a year and there was a lack of leads last season and every person in the team was hungry for any opportunity for a lead. That’s when I found out about I thought I had found my golden ticket to a promotion, I was f*cking wrong! I contacted them and got in touch with a rep who told me that I can get up to 3 leads every week. When I asked him how is he even generating leads when the market is down, he said, ”That’s what we do sir, we are experts :)” Notice the missing ”the”, I noticed it too, I thought it was an honest mistake in grammar but these kinds of errors were happening WAY too often to be a genuine mistake, later on, I realized they weren’t actually a US firm. Anyways, they were charging me $50 per lead which is a little high price but I was really desperate for any lead back then so I agreed. They asked for a 50% monthly advance which was usual, but I paid the money which was exactly $3000! They sent me 3 leads by the next Thursday and I landed 1 of them. However, it was actually the best batch of leads they ever sent my way since. All the future leads were totally [email protected]! were claiming they had leads that were interested in renewable energy and had the money to back their passion. But this cannot be farther from the truth! All of their leads were useless and because of them, I had wasted my time working on leads who were never really interested in buying solar.

I contacted the customer support of only to find out they don’t have any dedicated support staff. UN-F*CKING-BELIEVABLE! When I found this out, I wanted my f*ckign money back but like all these 3rd world country based scammers, they stopped responding. They have totally fake testimonials on their website, not only that, the claim of a ”$10,000 bonus a month” IS TOTAL BS! STAY AWAY FROM! They are scammers and they have the worst leads I’ve ever paid for. Their scandal cost me my job because I wasted so much time on their trash leads that I wasn’t able to meet my sales quota and thus was fired. These scammers ruined my f*cking life! Avoid at all costs! They are NOT based in the US and they possibly are operated from India, Pakistan, or some other outsourcing country!

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