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Published: 09 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased an 8,000-BTU, Model HCB-P08-B, reference number BPB08 from Heartland America catalog company. After setting up the unit and its window vent bracket, I turned it on, set the mode to AC, and immediately got an H8 error message on the digital display instead of the temperature setting. The warning light that indicates a full condensation reservoir, was on. The air conditioning, dehumidifying, and Automatic modes were disabled. The Fan mode worked perfectly at all three speeds. I tried opening the drain port that empties the reservoir, and of course, found no condensate. Conclusion: The unit thought its reservoir was full, which would disable all except the Fan mode functions. Heartland America would exchange the unit if I paid the hefty return postage. But it was new and under warranty, so I called Soleus Air. A representative returned my second call, and told me to unplug the unit for 15 minutes in order to reset it. That did not work. No amount of pushing the Reset button on the unit’s plug, unplugging it and waiting, or trying other electrical outlets, worked. Soleus Air operates on Pacific time. Calling during business hours and holding for a representative, left me once with a dying phone battery, and once getting voice mail after holding for eight minutes beyond the system’s announced expected wait time. I tried e-mail, which is supposed to result in Soleus’ assignment of a claim number and Customer Service representative. They never responded. Nor have they responded to three additional voice mail messages. I’ve tried calling HVAC service providers in my area, but only one had heard of Soleus, and no longer sells their products. Home Depot has all Soleus units listed as “Discontinued.” Everyone I’ve called suggests that I contact the manufacturer. But although I clearly stated in my messages that I wanted referral to a warranty service provider, Soleus remains silent.

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