Solomobi has a horrible customer service department and will give you hell if you want to quit

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Published: 28 August 2017

Posted by: Judy C. Tarr

In 2014, I had started a new job. I was really excited about it because it was a lot better than my old job, and I also got a lot of perks from the new folks I was working with. For example, I got an allowance for my commute, and even phone charges. I was obviously going to take full advantage of these things. So that’s when I realized that Solomobi is a pile of useless crap that no one should have to deal with.
My new employers wanted me to submit detailed bills of the previous month before they could okay my phone allowance. This seemed like a normal enough request. You’d think a phone company would make data like this available to customers, right? You’re right. Most companies would. But then there are companies like Solomobi out there that don’t give a fuck about their customers’ needs. All they want is to make money and to do this, they will do anything and everything. They have horrible people who don’t sound like they’ve ever helped anyone on their customer service lines. Seriously, it was maddening just talking to those people and knowing fully well they didn’t intend to help you at all. It was like they were reading off a piece of paper – they didn’t hear you out, they didn’t try to understand what you wanted.
I found the area where I could supposedly find old bills greyed out in my account. I didn’t know what to make of that. Shouldn’t that always be available to me? I called customer service the, on the 17th of August to see what was going on, and why I couldn’t get to my July bill. They told me how to go to the right page, which was useless, since I was already there. Then they told me that I will be able to access it, I told them I wasn’t even able to click on it, and they said they would call me back with a solution. I waited for a couple of days. No call back happened. So I called the customer service department yet again.
I was assigned to a new person this time. This guy seemed to be even worse off that the woman I spoke to before. And the worst part? I had to explain everything to him, right from the start. He was extremely rude. He basically called me computer illiterate and told me I should get someone who knew how to use the internet to figure it out for me. I was so shocked!
I wanted to write about this to someone higher up in the company, but to this date, I haven’t been able to find a single person’s name or contact address anywhere for me to write a complaint to. I have no idea what to do. I guess what’s left to do is to end my contract with these assholes as soon as I can.

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