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I don’t recommend them, kindly be warned.

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Published: 31 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

First and foremost, I thought I should bring it to your attention about Soni appliances and how they render their services to their customers, so that you may take note and help you make right decisions in future if at all you may need the same services. They don’t either value nor respect their customers at all. It was not that easy for my sister to let me know of this because she never wanted to talk about it due to the experience she had with them which was negative according to what she told me. She heard about Soni appliances on social media platforms, by then it was rated to be amongst the best companies more so in terms of how they offered their services and their products in general. She was attracted to them hence paid a visit there to enquire about what she needed by then. She required a washer and a dryer. On her arrival, she found some staff who were just seated idle, surprisingly they actually seemed to be so rude and they never bothered even to welcome her warmly as she expected. They were unprofessional, you can’t imagine they never greeted her until she did so herself. Even after her doing so their response was not that pleasant to her since they responded as if they were distracted or something of that sort. Since she was more interested in what had taken her where she had to ignore the unwelcoming experience for that moment but it annoyed her. This was out of her expectations before her visit there. She regretted why she went there from the word go. The enthusiasm she had when going there had already faded, but she just had to bear with the situation and do what had taken her to the outlet. So she inquired about all the services rendered both sales and after-sales services. She negotiated about the prices with the salesperson and they agreed about a fixed price for purchase and delivery because she discovered that they charged a delivery fee to their customers which were so high. They agreed that the delivery will be made in less than twelve hours which was not the case after leaving the appliance outlet store. She had to wait for two whole days for the goods to be delivered which was so devastating for her because she had an urgent need to use the commodities. On arrival, she discovered that the washer was refurbished and she had paid for a new washer and dryer. The delivery men I can’t recall their exact names seemed to be careless more so in a hurry, all the same, she asked them why the commodities delivered refurbished commodities instead of the new ones she had paid for, although due to their rudeness they never responded well. She went an extra mile to contact the head office concerning the same, and they insisted that she had made payments for the refurbished commodities that were delivered to her of which that was not the case according to her. The commodities never worked for long, they got damaged hence we decided to return them. Surprisingly they rejected them claiming that they don’t offer a warranty to any goods they sell. If it were me and the way I lose my temper easily I don’t think if I could have managed it.

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