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Source One Companies are Cheating, Snatching Money out of Pockets

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Published: 07 August 2017

Posted by: Raymond C. Flood

The nature of scams baffles me, at times. Sometimes society seems lost and nothing seems to be working. Some scammers share no respect for anything in this world. They don’t see humans as humans but targets. I’ve been exploring my opportunities to invest in business ventures. When I got a call from Source One Companies, I thought I got my chance. He introduced himself as Daniel Nucum, financial advisor and experienced developer. He talked highly of his achievements. He was a part of core team at Source One Companies.
We started discussing about business proposal on 13th October. It was the first week and I was raring to get things started. He was looking for more people or investors to join him. He told us he’d a big plan and he can help all of us to have a steady second income source. I introduced him to friends, colleagues and professional connections. I’d no bad intention.
He looked like a religious man. He always used to ask people to put religious goals over professional or life goals. He acted like a leader and compassionate human being. I was outplayed by Daniel. He scammed each one of us and ruined our reputation in the market.
His strategy worked well. I was surprised to see the number of people he cheated in my group. The strange bit was nobody told me about investing money or doing some sort of business with Daniel. I think all of them kept it a secret. Daniel must have asked them to keep it to themselves.
For a moment, I felt cheated by everyone. My head was spinning. I wasn’t able to think clearly. What about social connections? Why did they invest money without taking me into confidence? I questioned their integrity.
There was another stream of thoughts. I held myself responsible for introducing Daniel to them. I cannot run away from it. I was feeling guilty.
I’d to do something to teach scammers a lesson. I gathered everyone. We discussed a lot of things. I also browsed several forums and sites to gather information against him. I was surprised to see different complaint registered against him. I knew what I’d to do next. I asked all victims to register themselves on these forums and share experiences.
There was a kind of renewed confidence among these families. They’re over the loss and mourning period. They wanted to do something good. The whole purpose was to save families from his fraudulent dealings.
I was hurt after what he did to us. He would have reasons but using religion as a part of scam was horrendous. It was the most disgusting thing.
The scam artists have dropped off the standards. It becomes necessary that everyone should raise their voice against scams to cancel out their selfish and cunning approach. There’s no way these scam artists can be stopped or caught without taking individual responsibility. We all need to mobilize our efforts against them.

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