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You cannot even imagine how horrible they are!

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Published: 11 July 2019

Posted by: Jeffrey

Over the last two years, I have experienced heartbreaking grief and the end of relationships. So I decided to join the South Texas Rehabilitation Hospital, it was there when the main trouble began. Life gave me a lesson of how some of the rehabilitation centers are, they are even worse than we can ever think of.

I went to the rehab center about 3 months ago where they took a huge sum in order to admit me to their hospital. I was suffering from hallucinations and depression so they gave me a block where I had to stay alone, it was dark and damp at the corners there was not even a single window for ventilation, it was just the same as a prison, they gave me a bed and a pot of water, days went by and I got used to it as I believed I would go out of this place happy and with a mind full of energy and refreshment. But things did not work out the way I expected. The working staff was way too rude and they never ever spoke to me. All they did was just stare at me like they are going kill me the next moment, the special doctors paid a visit once or twice a week in order to check the mental health of their patients. A month passed by and they shifted me to a room where four more people were living and two of them were mentally disturbed and all they did was shouting and crying. The rehab center turned out to be one of the worst experience of my entire life. For some patients, the goal is complete recovery with full, unrestricted function; for others, it is the recovery of the ability to do as many activities of daily living as possible. Results of rehabilitation depend on the nature of the loss and the patient’s motivation. Progress may be slow for elderly patients and for patients who lack muscle strength or motivation. This is what a rehabilitation center should do but here it is just the opposite. They don’t care about what the patients do or what mental illness they are suffering from, they just took the money to keep us in the center. Every patient here has some issues which they fail to address. My aim was to be a happy, life-living person again but after being admitted to this place I thought it was better outside. The doctors were very always found gossiping with their partners but never communicating with a patient. They came to the center once or twice a week just to show the public that they are taking care of their patients but it was nothing like that throughout my 3 months of experience.

By the end of the third month, I took a leave from this center which was a living hell for me and started living a normal life. It takes great courage to write the reality of some places which are totally a wreck, I would suggest you choose a better rehabilitation center rather than South Texas Rehabilitation Centre

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